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HAPPY ANNIVERSARY: The JRNY Art Gallery Celebrated Its One Year Milestone! Here's What's Coming Up In Year Two:

The JRNY Art Gallery celebrated its one-year anniversary yesterday and teased that its second year will be even better!

For the last 365 days, longtime Bored Ape Yacht Club member, ApeCoin whale, and metaverse mogul JRNY has been on a real-life mission to introduce the locals and tourists of Las Vegas to the world of digital art!

“I'm opening a NFT art gallery and private JRNY Club lounge in Las Vegas,” JRNY tweeted last year. “Just signed a 5 year lease and got the keys We will be featuring many NFT sets in this location, have events, and promote step-by-step beginner guides to NFT and Crypto to onboard retail investors.”

Since then, the JRNY Art Gallery has ingrained itself in the Las Vegas culture, participating in the local ‘First Friday’ festivities, hosting mixers, and educating visitors on NFTs, helping them understand that these digital assets can be more than just JPEGs.

“We're so grateful for the community we have built over this past year,” JRNY Gallery tweeted. “Excited for what year two has in store!”


Year two for the JRNY Art Gallery will be anything but boring.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, JRNY recently got two Ape Improvement Proposals passed at the ApeCoin DAO.

The first AIP made the JRNY Art Gallery powered by $Ape. This means that the Gallery will prominently display ApeCoin going forward, host monthly $Ape community events, accept $Ape as a form of payment, feature $Ape in its marketing and promotional materials, among other things.

The second AIP that the JRNY Gallery recently had passed at the DAO was to make ApeCoin an official sponsor of Las Vegas’ First Friday events.

“’ApeCoin Presents First Friday’ is a landmark initiative that transcends traditional sponsorship,” JRNY wrote in his AIP at the time. “It’s a comprehensive strategy aimed at fostering long-term engagement with the Las Vegas community, promoting the adoption of Web3 technologies, and establishing ApeCoin as a pivotal force in the cultural, economic, and governance landscapes of Las Vegas. Through this partnership, we envision a future where ApeCoin is integral to the city’s vibrant cultural scene, supported by a governance framework that embraces the transformative potential of digital currencies.”

The Bored Ape Gazette wishes the JRNY Art Gallery a happy anniversary and will keep you posted on everything that happens throughout the venue's second year. Stay tuned for updates!

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