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HAPPY BIRTHDAY: The Mocaverse Turned One Year Old Today, And To Celebrate, Mocas Are All Getting $Moca Coins Soon!

PP Man isn’t the only one celebrating a birthday today. Animoca Brands’ NFT project, The Mocaverse, turned one year old today, and to celebrate, the project announced that every Mocaverse NFT will eventually receive an allocation of $Moca coins.

It’s been one year since the Mocaverse joined the Web3 world, and they have made their presence known across the ecosystem! From casting deciding votes on many ApeCoin DAO proposals to inviting a multitude of Apes to their Moca Cruise during ApeFest, and hosting a variety of activations and activities in between, the Mocas have been making moves the past 365 days!


"Happy Birthday to me, #MocaFam, and those who supported us along the journey ,” the project tweeted. “Evolved from a PFP project to building the largest on-chain cultural economy and network, we’re laying the groundwork to build a shared interoperable infrastructure layer of Account, Identity, Reputation, and PointFi systems, seeded by @animocabrands. From 8888 Mocas to close to 1 million Moca IDs, we’re expanding the network every day by onboarding #web2 and #web3 partners and users, leading to net positive value creation for NFT holders, Moca ID users, and the Mocaverse Partner Network Moca NFT holders, we’re lucky and grateful to have you as our co-founders in the past year to supercharge #Mocalization. No you, no Mocas! As a token of appreciation, $MOCA has been reserved for our NFT holders on behalf of @MOCAFoundation as launch partner. Each NFT will be allocated [redacted] $MOCA Turn on notifications for further details on $MOCA, the snapshot, the math, and the myth! In the meantime, keep your Mocas SAFU and staked.”



While do not know how much $Moca Mocaverse NFTs will get, or what each token will be worth, we do know that $Moca is “an omni-chain network token created to reimagine the web3 cultural economy by empowering unity in culture, governance, and growth,” according to the Moca Foundation.

The Bored Ape Gazette wishes the Mocaverse a Happy Birthday and will keep you posted on all things $Moca. Stay tuned for updates!

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