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Here's What The ApeCoin DAO's Special Council Members Had To Say After The Community Chose The Horizen Labs And Arbitrum To Build Apechain

Following the ApeCoin DAO’s vote for the Horizen Labs and Arbitrum team build its ApeChain last night, several of the DAO’s Special Council members took to Twitter and shared their thoughts on what this means for the $Ape ecosystem!


Twenty-two months after Yuga Labs apologized for 'turning off the lights on Ethereum' and recommended that $Ape migrate to its own chain, ApeCoin DAO contributors cast 49.6 million $Ape, selecting the Horizen Labs and Arbitrum team to build an ApeChain!



The Horizen Labs and Arbitrum team’s ApeChain will feature $Ape as the chain’s native gas token, will generate revenue for the DAO via a transaction fee, will have low gas fees, have customizable code that the community can change, and will let $Ape holders govern ApeChain, according to their proposal.


After last night’s vote, ApeCoin DAO Special Council members Airvey, CaptainTrippy, and Waabam took to Twitter to congratulate the Horizen Labs and Arbitrum team and share some quick thoughts on the future of $Ape!


Take a look at their posts below:


“Honored to have co-authored the ApeChain with @sgoldfed,  @ajwarner90 and  @nina_rong and grateful for the support of the Ape Community in electing us,” Airvey tweeted. “None of this would have been possible without the vision of @robviglione who entrusted us to build the premier gaming chain in Web3.”





"APECHAIN, baby,” CaptainTrippy tweeted. “Huge congrats to the @apecoin DAO community!! The winning team is @arbitrum/ @HorizenLabs/ @OffchainLabs. Thank you to everyone that has participated in this process and I look forward to the community rallying to make this great! Big things ahead for our ecosystem!”



“Picking a tech stack and implementation partner was always just the start of the journey,” Waabam tweeted. “Now we, the @ApeCoin community, have to build ApeChain together This is just the first step. Big things are coming.”



Following last night’s vote, the ApeCoin DAO can expect to see the Horizen Labs and Arbitrum team’s ApeChain implemented in the next 3-6 months, based on their previous answers to the DAO.



The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you additional coverage of the ApeCoin DAO's ApeChain. Stay tuned for updates!

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