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How A Couple of Bored Apes Are Connecting The Community Through Books

It was just another boring Monday morning for Bored Ape #9211—also known as Maximillian—when he tweeted about starting a book club.

“I’m bored. And what’s more boring than reading?,” Maximillian posted. “Any fellow Apes out there wanna start a book club? “

While Maximillian himself has never been in a book club per say, he said he’s had some experience with them back in college.

“Always been an avid reader. Never actually been in a book club,” Maximillian said. “Although most of my philosophy classes at Columbia could’ve totally passed for a book club.”

After his initial tweet, Maximillian joined some Twitter spaces and the idea of a Bored Ape Book Club kept coming up.

“The idea of a book club floated around in the conversation and the rest is banana peels,” Maximillian said.

After some more talk, Maximillian, along with a few other apes finally were bored enough to actually put pen to paper and make this book club a reality.

“@JAGWAKcrypto puts it best, ‘I always wanted to share my love of reading, and I think we are all finally bored enough to participate’,” Maximillian said.

For the Bored Ape Book Club’s first book, Maximillian and the group asked the BAYC community to vote for one of three possible books choices.

The community chose“ Planet of the Apes” by Pierre Boulle.

Going forward Maximillian hopes The Bored Ape Book Club will become a completely community driven club.

“Ultimately, the book club is for the Ape community,” Maximillian said. “And we all want this to be a truly community driven project."

At the time of this articles publication, there were already 40 bored apes signed up for the book club.

If you’re interested in joining the Bored Ape Book Club, Maximillian will be hosting a Twitter Space Kickoff event on Tuesday June 1st at 8:00 Eastern Standard Time on his Twitter account @CircaDiem.

To sign up, click the following link or direct message Maximillian on Twitter @CircaDiem. Or reach out to either @beijingdou or @JAGWAKcrypto

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