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Hundreds X BAYC Member Exclusive Merch Has Been Shipped And Bored Apes Are Excited

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

The Hundreds X Bored Ape Yacht Club collaboration shirts and hoodies have been shipped and Bored Apes have begun to receive their club exclusive merch!

“Just got my #BAYC hoodie,” BAYC ChiefMeme Officer tweeted. “Wearing it feels like a hug from 5000+ anonymous strangers I met on the internet.”

The Hundreds X BAYC merch that is currently being shipped was exclusively sold to BAYC members back in late August. This is the second batch of Hundreds X BAYC Merchandise created by the popular streetwear brand.

The BAYC member exclusive shirts and hoodies are a black and pink color wave and feature a bomb ape skull logo on the front, and a large bored ape skull with a Hundreds bomb logo on the back!

“The @BoredApeYC x @thehundreds member’s collab landed today, damn that pink BAYC skull on the back goes good with the pink corduroy hat from @bobbyhundreds + @BenHundreds," BAYC member Jeff Nicholas tweeted earlier today along with two photos of his shirt.

If you missed your chance to purchase the BAYC member excusive shirt or hoodie, some eBay bored apes have you covered .

The current lowest listed prices for a Hundreds X BAYC members exclusive shirt and hoodie is $300.69 and $666.69 respectively. These prices are in line with the most recently sold member exclusive shirt and hoodie that sold for $499 and $550 respectively.

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