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HV-MTL HELP: Here's How You Can Make It To The Rift Before The HV-MTL Hunt Begins Later This Month!

Earlier this week, many around the swamp were disappointed that Yuga Labs had to delay the Hunt and push the Rift's opening back a week.

While this was disappointing for many, the delay is an opportunity for others to build out their Forges and make it to the Rift before it opens later this month!

If you’re a HV-MTL holder who is looking to get to the Rift in your Forge before the Hunt begins, The Bored Ape Gazette’s resident gamer, Mr. Mugen has some tips and tricks for you!

Take a look at his HV-MTL help guide below:

Preparing for the Rift

With the delay of the Rift opening, this gives players more time to start or continue building their Forge. Yuga recently revealed details about the Rift and here’s how players can best prepare.

How to enter the Rift?

Lay down a tile path until players can see the Rift portal. Players can build directly out towards the portal without connecting to portals, but it would not be optimal. HVs need Energy to explore the Rift.

Max amount of Energy for the Rift

There is no Energy requirement to enter the Rift, but Energy is the literal lifeline to a HV’s Battery. The amount of Energy in a Battery determines how long a HV can explore and fight in the Rift. HVs consume Energy as they explore the Rift and once a HV’s shield depletes in battle, damage dealt to a HV will start to drain Energy from the Battery.

This is why it is important to upgrade portals and tiles optimally for longer exploration time in the Rift.

For new players, build directly to the portals and don’t worry about decorations. It’s all about Energy. Start off by building directly to the first portal and upgrade the first portal and tiles along the way. Players can slowly start to build out to the second portal, but keep in mind the requirements to upgrade the first portal. Focus on upgrading the first and second portal, alternate accordingly to time needed. Keep portal one at longer upgrade time for overnight upgrades and focus on the second portal and Tiles during active hours.

Check out this extremely helpful Time- energy chart below:

Created by Forgers within the community for Forgers. @nz.eth @andrew20054

Once portal one and two start to approach level nine, slowly build out to the third portal. Make sure to track Tile level averages and alternate from upgrading Tiles and portal three until level nine. At this point all portals will be at level nine which will take 40 hours to upgrade to 10.

Maxing out at a portal at 11 will take 70 hours.

Players can choose to continue to upgrade the portals or build out to the fourth portal. To open the fourth portal, players will have to build out 90 Tiles. Note that as more Tiles are laid, the duration drastically increases for each Tile.

At Tile 60, it’ll take roughly four hours and Tile 90 takes about 24 hours.

Players will have the ability to continue to build their Forge while the Rift is open. According to Forge mechanics, a HV cannot do other tasks while upgrading or building, it might be worth it to get the long upgrades out of the way if players want to heavily explore the Rift. Maxing out portals will also grant a higher energy cap!

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the HV-MTL Forge and will keep you posted on when the Rift opens and the hunt begins. Stay tuned for updates!

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