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LOTM LOOK: Faraway Gaming Studios Shared A 'High Level Summary' Of Its Legends Of The Mara Guidebook. Check It Out Here:

The expanded Yugaverse got its first look at what Faraway Gaming Studios is planning for Legends of The Mara after the company’s Chief Product Officer shared that a 192-page lore book is in the works and gave community members a high-level look at LOTM.

Almost two months after Faraway Gaming Studios acquired the Legends of The Mara game and its accompanying intellectual property from Yuga Labs, the company revealed that they have been busy working on a guidebook that will cover everything from LOTM lore and the making of a character to how to play the game.

“Ok soooo here is the plan, would love to see/hear reactions to this: LoTM Table Top game and Lore book,” Tucker wrote in the Faraway Gaming Studio’s Discord server today. “The idea is we will work with an established Tabletop/lore book maker (has done several other kickstarters/board games etc). The goal is for the first part to be the lore and rulebook with character sheets. This will have a ton of sick art and be super comprehensive/world building. See attached for high level summary.”

“Still early, but trying to keep everybody involved in what we're doing since it all is trying to add to proper building of the LOTM universe,” Faraway Gaming Studios Co-Founder Alex Paley wrote following Tucker’s post. “Fyi, this is not distracting from the gamedev at all. But this is something a game needs because without lore and wordbuilding a game is just a bunch of random mechanics.”

Today’s high level overview of a LOTM lore book is just Faraway Gaming Studio’s first step towards building what they call the ‘LotM Universe.’

“Yeah goal here is to establish lore and maybe get greater interest, but this is step 1 in a multistep/multifactor play, so this is one aspect of a much greater strategy,” Tucker wrote.


The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you a breakdown of Faraway Gaming Studio’s LOTM guidebook. Stay tuned for updates!

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