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Mark Cuban Pins Cheetah Bored Ape on, Cheetah Gang Declares Victory In Their Feud With DMTs

NBA Owner Mark Cuban pinned a Cheetah fur Bored Ape to his profile Wednesday evening and the Bored Ape Yacht Clubs’ Cheetah gang rejoiced.

“I see @mcuban is finally repping the @boredapeyc cheetah @prepestothepros sent him week one,” BAYC member NBATopShotEast tweeted. “Should we tell him about the war victory he just signaled?”

The war NBATopShotEast referenced is the ongoing feud between cheetah and DMT fur apes. This feud has been raging on for weeks.

Many in the cheetah gang community echoed NBATopShotEast’s excitement about Cuban pinning his cheetah fur ape on

“It's a historic moment and marks a clear end to the war between Cheetah Gang and DMT Gang,” SpottieWiFi told the gazette. “As it would be unwise for DMT to pursue any further acts of aggression. A one-week ceasefire was signed last week, so timing couldn't be better and we look forward to working with @mcuban to advance diplomacy between the two groups as well as the interests of all apes.”

Cuban’s pinned ape is Bored Ape #1597. Bored Ape #1597 is a six trait cheetah fur ape sporting a BAYC hat and a Hawaiian shirt. Cuban received Bored Ape #1579 from @prepestothepros over a month ago right when the BAYC was just opening for business.

The Dallas Mavericks owner is just the latest NBA executive to go ape for the BAYC. As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Philadelphia 76ers Basketball Operations President, Daryl Morey, changed his twitter profile photo to a Bored Ape.

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