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MEET THE CANDIDATE: MemeBrains Is Running For Special Council!

ApeCoin DAO Contributor MemeBrains is looking to bring startup culture to the ApeCoin DAO’s Special Council and leverage his past experiences as a CEO to inform the community about all things $Ape, making sure the DAO gets what it wants!


The winter election season of 2023 is underway at the ApeCoin DAO, with 27 contributors officially running to replace BoredApeG, Gerry, and VeraTheApe on the DAO's Special Council in 2024.


Among the candidates vying for a position on the ApeCoin DAO's Special Council is MemeBrains.


“The ApeCoin community is filled with some of the most talented, dedicated and well-connected people in the Web3 ecosystem,” MemeBrains wrote on his candidate page. “We’re poised to have one of the greatest impacts in DAO history, to be remembered by future generations, studied in their history books. This is what I crave to contribute to, and to build together. My skill set is honed on enhancing workflows, organizational structure, day-to-day operations, teamwork, and cutting out inefficiencies - all of which I believe will be of great value to this community. Am I motivated? Damn right I am! Flying from Canada to ApeFest Hong Kong last week solidified my decision to serve this community within the Special Council position.”


To find out more about MemeBrain’s Special Council candidacy, his past experiences as a CEO, and where he’d like to see $Ape a year from now, the Bored Ape Gazette reached out to him for an interview. Check it out below:


1. In a sentence or two what is your candidacy all about?


“I’m here to inject startup founder energy and KPI action planning into 2024, and to engage in cross-community collaborations throughout the ecosystem so we can recruit more good builders. My aim is to double participation in the DAO, increase alignment between AIP authors and DAO voters, and to GSD (get shit done) just like I did building the Treasury Tab analytics for AIP-267. DAOs are the future of human organization, and ApeCoin can pave the way.”


 2. When and why did you decide to ape into the Special Council race?


“I ape’d in at the beginning of this year 2023, and opted to run for Special Council after working with Waabam and the Webslinger team on AIP-267 which passed with a 99% approval rating, and after meeting with AllCity from the Governance Working group. Talking with these great contributors helped me see the vantage point ApeCoin DAO is standing on to make a lasting impact throughout this century. This is something I crave to contribute towards in the most meaningful of ways. I’m a part of this ecosystem because I believe humanity is at a tipping point. This is the age of Decentralization. This inspiration led me to selling my previous company and diving deep down the Web3 rabbit holes to this moment right here, right now, running for Special Council. This is my calling, my chance to help shape history for the better of future generations, I’m all in.”


 3. What makes you the right $Ape for Special Council? How has your past prepared you for this role?


“I’ve been training for high-level DAO participation throughout most of my professional career. I bootstrapped a company as a solo founder, built it to a team of 60, then automated most of its processes using custom developed software. The majority of my clients were condominium corporations which operate almost identically to DAOs. Imagine; 100 condo unit owners sharing a building, an emotional asset in a community environment. Then they contribute monthly fees into a shared treasury pool, elect a board of directors to manage it, who then outsource to a property manager, who then in turn hires consultants, legal teams and accounting professionals to limit liability. This is where the arguing starts. Unit owners fight with the condo board, legal teams struggle with contractor problems, etc. Does this sound like a DAO you’ve heard of? My job as a CEO was to navigate the most complicated of social, political, legal, and accounting challenges. I directly worked with all levels of stakeholders, to find productive and peaceful outcomes for everyone involved, and hands-on trained my executive team to do the same. I discovered Bitcoin in 2017, read about it’s political and philosophical implications for months, then started converting fiat into satoshi’s and built a mining farm in my garage with 2stage soundproofing and a high efficiency ventilation system. In 2021 I joined CityDAO and ran 49 episodes of their podcast. I host public Twitter Spaces on DAO Leadership, DAO Pain-Points, Non-Violent communications and more, and contribute with articles and my DAO Thought-Leaders telegram group. I also contribute at 8DAO, Krause House, Afropolitan, and Collabland as well. I coordinated and helped present testimony directly to the full assembly of the Wyoming Senate regarding future revisions to their infamous DAO bill-38. In a chance meeting, I personally explained what a DAO is to the former Prime Minister of Canada to try and help him understand why we in this ecosystem cannot be ignored. All this has led me directly to ApeCoin DAO where I intend to contribute for the foreseeable future. I’m a DAO Activist, and I see ApeCoin DAO as home.”


4. What would you like to accomplish during your term?


“Recruit more builders into our DAO through numerous cross-community collaborations Lower operating expenses Increase value-add to the treasury Establish a set of clear KPIs for the future of the Special Council role Support the existing core team of 16 individuals to experience greater levels of success in their respective roles Increase voter participation Engage with the global community with IRL events Ensure the Foundation is protected and the future of our long-term vision is secure.”


 5. Where would you like to see the DAO a year from now?


“I’d like to see the DAO in a position where powerful builders line up to contribute, dedicated to adding value, and excited to be part of the community. I’d like to see the treasury set up for a more sustainable long-term future. I’d like for the community to feel like they understand wtf is going on, and to feel comfortable with the direction we’re all headed. I’d like to see the DAO in a place where we all understand that we’re all on the same page, where we work together towards our mutually aligned long-term goals, in a respectful and harmonious manner.”


 6. What are your thoughts and views on an ApeChain?


“If the community wants it, then the community will get it. If builders want to use it, then builders should have it. If ApeChain is structured in a way to add sustainable, long-term value to the DAO, then the DAO should support it. These are complex matters with numerous potential directions, but it really comes back down to those 3 points I just noted. We need to work together and ensure we’re all aligned on the direction we’re all about to embark on together. The worst case scenario would be for an ApeChain to fracture the community or otherwise cause damage to the ecosystem. Alignment, transparency, and collaboration needs to be our priority regarding ApeChain.”

 7. What’s your favorite book, movie, and show?


“Book: Atlas Shrugged. Movie: Lord of the Rings. Show: Yellowstone.”


 8. Do you have anything else you’d like to add or say?


“Good leaders create more leaders. I want to help empower the 16 ApeCoin team members ( SC/GWG/Facilitators/Secretary/Marketing/Metaverse) as best as I can to experience more success in all their roles, and to personally tackle the most challenging of problems until they are resolved with finality. Leaders lead from the front lines. I’m asking you, the community, to honor me with your vote, to allow me the chance to look under the hood, so I can start providing concrete solutions at an official capacity.”


ApeCoin DAO Contributors who would like to find out more about MemeBrains’ campaign can reach out to him via Twitter @memebrains



The window to vote in the first round of the ApeCoin DAO’s Special Council election is currently open and $Ape holders will have until December 13th to cast their coins in support their preferred nominees.


After the first round of voting, the top five nominees with the most votes will proceed to the second round of voting and officially become ApeCoin DAO Special Council candidates. The DAO will then conduct one more election from December 14th through December 20th. During this second vote, the community will officially elect its three new Special Council Members!


Take a look at the full Election season timeline below:



The Bored Ape Gazette has reached out to every candidate running for $Ape office this winter and is working to bring you reports on all of their candidacies. Stay tuned for updates!

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