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MEGA PURCHASE: An Anonymous Otherside Mogul Bought Their First Mega Koda For $194K USD!

An anonymous Otherside whale that owns a bunch of Kodas made a mega splash in the Metaverse this morning after they purchased their first Mega Koda!

On Tuesday, Wallet 0xE5C6497FC067593bC5f93351e82376aC4641a7AE purchased Koda #9986 from Sky Is The Limit Venture's BananaBullet.Eth for 72.5 Eth or $194,000 USD.

Koda #9986 is a Mega Koda with an Ordyceptus core, an Elysion head, and is wearing a Degenerates cape and a Gucci KodaPendant. Koda #9986 is also armed with a Confraction weapon, according to Opensea data.

While Koda #9986 is Wallet 0xE5C6497’s first Mega Koda, it is not their first Koda, and they appear to be very bullish on all things Otherside.

After today’s purchase, Wallet 0xE5C6497 now holds 36 Kodas along with 135 Otherdeeds. Take a look at their Koda collection below:

As Wallet 0xE5C6497 welcomes their first Mega Koda to their collection, BananaBullet.Eth said goodbye to his longtime PFP.


“have sold my Mega Koda today.... Some tears? No, more a relief,” he tweeted. “Was it the most beautiful one? No, but I'm ugly too. Next move? First some dance moves. Goodbye my friend! Hope I'll see you on the Otherside soon!”

BananaBullet.Eth went on to say that he sold Koda #9986 because he didn’t feel that the creature would be his forever PFP and that a 23 Koda to 1 Mega Koda ratio was a good time to sell.


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow BananaBullet.Eth and Wallet 0xE5C6497 and will let you know what these two Voyagers do next. Stay tuned for updates!

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