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MOCA MOVES: Animoca Brands NFT Project, Mocaverse, Just Raised $20M USD.Here's What You Need To Know

The Mocaverse is making a moca move as the NFT project raised $20 million dollars in its recent round of funding!

It was a mega Monday for the Mocaverse, an expanded Yugaverse project that’s made a name for itself in the Yuga Labs ecosystem via the ApeCoin DAO. They are continuing to build and expand during this brutal bear market!

“Mocaverse has raised $20M via our mothership, @animocabrands,”the project tweeted!”#MocaFam, we're about to level up from all fronts: Product development Web2 and Web3 adoption Redefining web3 culture and entertainment ecosystem.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, many in the Yuga Labs ecosystem became aware of the Mocaverse, Animoca Brands membership NFT collection consisting of 8888 unique collectibles, earlier this summer when the community cast its 1.5 million $Ape in the DAO’s Special Council elections.

Along with being big players around the ApeCoin DAO, the Mocaverse is a community of ‘Dreamers, Builders, Angels, Connectors, and Neo-Capitalists’ with the shared goal of fostering an open metaverse.

Currently, the project is in its second season and holders are being rewarded daily with Moca XP that they can use to buy tools, hunt for relics, and possibly win rewards.

Following the Mocaverse’s mega million raise, Animoca Brands’ Chairman and former ApeCoin DAO Special Council Member, Yat Siu, who is also building Wreck League, took to Twitter and said that he’s Moca motivated by the community and that they look forward to onboarding the next billion Web3 users.

“I am excited to announce the next stage of the Mocaverse starting with a $20m investment with our newest strategic partners led by CMCC @Martin_CMCC along with longtime friends and partners @kingswaycapital, @gamefiventures, @LCVentures, @AnimocaVentures, @gabusch, @Psycheout86, and many other frens to develop the fast emerging #DAO ecosystem, digital identity space and help bring more networks and value into the portfolio and network effect that is @animocabrands. Through the @MocaverseNFT. You can become a participating member in the whole @animocabrands #web3 ecosystem in an active contributing manner. The next layer of web3 is evolving and we have, as we hoped for, come into a multichain future. The social applications including gaming will bring culture, identity and entertainment to the masses and onboard the next billion on-chain. #NFT #NFTs.”

Animoca Brands Head of Projects and Servant to the Mocaverse, Tyler Durden AKA Spacemanks, echoed Siu's Enthusiasm and said that today's raise is just the beginning.

"I hope everyone doesn’t see 20m as money in the bank account to spend or a metric, he tweeted. "20m is a validation of what we are building and experimenting. 20m is the resources which allow us to scale more quickly for something a lot bigger than 20m. 20m is the start, not the end."

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Mocaverse and is working to find out more about the project and what they’re building. Stay tuned for updates!

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