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'MORE ON MEEBITS': Yuga Labs Gave The Voxel Community A Closer Look At The Meebits 944 Tat Traits! Here's Whats Next For The Meebs:

The voxel vibes are permanent as Yuga Labs needled in on the 944 Autoglyphs inspired tattoo traits that are in the Meebits collection in a new Twitter series dubbed ‘More on Meebits.’

Every Meebit is certainly a voxel vibe, but 944 of them definitely have a bit more of an edge with their with 1/1 tattoo traits that not only express the Meebs’ individuality but also pay homage to Larva Labs’ earlier works.

“There are 944 tattoos in the Meebits collection, 743 of which are 1/1,” Yuga Labs wrote in a five part thread. “Each tattoo is on a square grid of 3 or 4 across, with varying heights. The tattoo trait metadata is made of one or two strings of characters. One string means one tattoo, two strings means two. The style is inspired by Larva Labs’ Autoglyphs, recognized as the first on-chain generative art on Ethereum. The nod to Autoglyphs via Meebs tattoos is one of many fun Easter Eggs within the collection. !meebin."

“If only y’all appreciated how much detail Matt and John put into the Meebs,” Meebit Holder Sergito tweeted following Yuga Labs’ ‘More on Meebits’ thread.

Along with this deeper dive into the Meebits tattoo traits and their meaning, the voxel community also got another look at what the Meebits 3D avatars will look like once they are released later this year.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Yuga Labs highlighted the invisible work that has gone into making  the 20,000 Meebs in a step by step X Article guide on April 12th. 

“Step 4: Discover that the collection has way more one-off traits than you thought. Attempt to stay calm,” the company tweeted. “Step 5: Collect yourself and ask “how do Meebits give a thumbs up if they don’t have thumbs?” Step 6: Give Meebits thumbs. Step 7: Oh. How many unique tattoos did you say there are? 844? Eff. Step 8: Yay! Behold your work. It’s virtually indistinguishable from the OG collection. Step 9: Realize this means your work is invisible. Nobody will fully appreciate what you’ve accomplished.”

While we do not know when the Meebit community will get their 3D files like Apes, do know that Yuga Labs is planning to host a “Meebits Come Home’ event later this spring from Meetropolis that will presumably let Meebs play as their voxels!

“Meebits need a proper introduction to Otherside,” Yuga Labs wrote in a February 2024 blog post. “Meebit avatars and Meetropolis are in their last phase of development, so hang tight, we’ve got something special cooking for MB1.3 this Spring. It’s our next thing."

Further, we also know that Meebits will be part of Yuga Labs’ ‘Project Dragon’ game that will be taking place in the Meebits world of Meetroplis starting this July. 

Based on Yuga Labs’ recent posts and the company’s planned events, it appears that Meebits 3D files and playable avatars are right around the corner. 

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Meebits collection and will let you know what’s next for the voxels. Stay tuned for updates!

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Jose daniel
Jose daniel
11 de mai.

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