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NFT Community Reacts to Problematic Misfit University Avatars

Misfit University Came under fire after its drop today as users said some avatars portrayed rape culture and other problematic themes.

Screen shots of users female misfits with duct tape over their mouths and black eyes started popping up on Twitter late Thursday night and users were not happy.

“”Seriously, what the f**k is this,” Tropofarmer Tweeted. “Should be extra extra extra extra ashamed of themselves. Nfw they’re capable of that, though.”

Many users echoed Tropofarmer’s outrage over the avatars.

“ This is UNACCEPTABLE, Colethereum tweeted. “Why are we tolerating this?”

Misfits university issued a statement regarding the outrage over several of the traits in the project.

“We want to address the situation regarding the Misfits with duct tape on their mouths, MisfitUni tweeted. Any implied meaning was unintentional, given the randomized nature of the project- we did not intend these. This was an oversight& we deeply apologize for uncomfortable feelings on this. To rectify the situation as best we are able to, we would like to offer the holders of all duct tape Misfits tp allow us to buy back their duct tape Misfit(s) at minting price (0.08 ETH). Once again, we deeply apologize for this and hope that the Misfit community as a whole has a the goodness in them to see how wonderful this community is outside of this oversight of ours. This is not representative of our team or our MisfitU community as a whole.”

Later in the night Misfit University tweeted that they’re looking for an anti-domestic violence charity to make a donation to after the debacle.

For many apes and members of the NFT community, Misfit University’s apology is too little to late.

“ I rarely speak poorly of any NFT project publicly, but this is truly awful,” NFTbark tweeted. “I don’t care if it’s a randomly generated mint. This cannot happen. I can forgive bad drops, and growing pains, and gas wars, but this is gross. Wow.”

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meant awful
meant awful
Apr 26

Subsequently, Misfit University sent a tweet expressing their search for an anti-domestic violence organization to contribute to following the incident. basket random

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