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Nifty Tailor Has A New Oktoberfest Inspired Outfit For Bored Apes. Get Your Lederhosen Here:

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Oktoberfest kicked off over the weekend and this artist, with the help of a bored tailor, is getting apes fitted for their lederhosens!

Oktoberfest 2022 began on September 17th and artist EllitheQueenBee came out with a new lederhosen outfit for Bored Apes that's available on Nifty Tailor.

“O'zapft is,” Nifty Tailor tweeted. “Suit up fellow Apes and Mutants to celebrate the Oktoberfest in Munich and the new @ApeClubDach. Get your own “Tracht“ on Classic. #SuitUpOzapftIs #BAYC #MAYC@BoredApeYC.”

Lederhosen’s are a traditional piece of clothing generally associated with mountainous regions of German-speaking Central Europe. The word lederhosen is translated into English as “leather breeches.”

Nifty Tailor made these lederhosen outfits after a new German speaking BAYC community reached out to the tailor about making the outfits.

This new German speaking BAYC group is known as Ape Club DACH and already has over 50 members, according to the group’s social media account!

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow ApeClubDach, EllitheQueenBee, and Nifty Tailor! Stay tuned for updates and be sure to get your ape dressed for Oktoberfest here:

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