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ON THE BALLOT: NFT Marketplace Rarible Wants To Build An ApeCoin Marketplace.

Another well-known NFT Marketplace company has thrown its hat in the ring to build the official ApeCoin Marketplace.

The ApeCoin DAO is set to vote on Rarible’s marketplace Ape Improvement Proposal this week.

AIP-97 titled “ApeCoin Marketplace With 0% Fees, Built By Rarible is an Ecosystem Fund Allocation proposal written by Rarible.

In its proposal, Rarible wrote that its ApecCoin marketplace would feature every Yuga Labs NFT collection and that its marketplace would have no fees on any trades made in $Ape.

Along with its no marketplace fees on $Ape transactions, Rarible also explained that its ApeCoin marketplace would settle some concerns that users have while using other marketplaces.

“Building an open-source, decentralized, community-owned marketplace which only lists authentic collections alleviates these concerns, Rarible wrote. “The community can transact freely and transparently decide which (if any) NFTs should be locked. ApeCoin DAO also strengthens the ecosystem’s brand by owning the buying experience from start to finish. Additionally, a composable marketplace enables possible in-game marketplaces for Otherside, launchpad for community projects, custom features and extensions to additional NFT collections.”

In its proposal, Rarible wrote that its marketplace will not cost the ApeCoin DAO anything.

In exchange for building the ApeCoin marketplace platform, Rarible is asking the DAO for a 12-month lease on a dedicated URL pointed to ApeCoin DAO marketplace, according to the AIP. If passed, Rarible projects that its marketplace could be live in four weeks.

The window to vote on Rarible’s proposal open’s tonight at 9 P.M. EST. To find out more about Rarible’s marketplace, check out the company’s proposal here:

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