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ON THE BALLOT: This AIP Aims To Raise $Ape Awareness Through Microgrants For The Meebits Community

The ApeCoin DAO is set to vote on an Ape Improvement Proposal this week that aims to increase $Ape awareness outside of the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

AIP -110 titled “Meebits PropHouse Sponsored By ApeCoin” is an Ecosystem Fund Allocation proposal written by ApeCoin Special Council member Maaria Bajwa.

“If the underlying mission of ApeCoin is to power the Web3 economy, we need to be encouraging other communities to adopt ApeCoin and build utility alongside us,” Bajwa wrote.

In AIP-110, Bajwa proposed that the best way to encourage other communities to adopt $Ape and build alongside the BAYC was to fund a “PropHouse” program where builders can be awarded $Ape microgrants.

“PropHouse serves as an auction of APE, where the bids are proposals,” Bajwa explained. “Rather than having the DAO vote yes/no on individual projects, PropHouse allows for a group of projects compete for a fixed grant size, with grants being awarded to the project(s) that receive the most votes. Prop House voters are typically NFT communities.”

Bajwa believes that funding these PropHouse microgrants is a great way for the ApeCoin DAO to expand outside the swamp!

“Encouraging other communities to build with ApeCoin proliferates our reach and introduces new communities to our ecosystem,” Bajwa wrote. “PropHouse is a way for us to experiment with this hypothesis. We can fund micro-grant programs for various communities that want to build utility in gaming and the metaverse, but don’t have access to funding.”

Bajwa proposed that the best community for the ApeCoin DAO to experiment with this hypothesis was the Meebits community.

“As part of the Yuga Labs family, Meebits is naturally aligned with the goals of ApeCoin and should be actively encouraged to build alongside the $APE community,” Bajwa wrote.

In total, Bajwa is asking the ApeCoin DAO to allocate 13,000 $Ape to fund three rounds of Meebit microgrants. Anyone will be able to apply for these grants so long as they expand the functionality, community, or awareness of Meebits and accept ApeCoin as payment, according to the proposal.

if passed, Bajwa wrote that Meebit builders could begin applying for the first round of microgrants in the next two weeks.

The window to vote on AIP-110 opens tonight at 9 P.M. EST. To find out more about this PropHouse proposal, check out Bajwa’s full AIP here:

You can also check out PropHouse's website here:

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