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OPENSEA ISSUE: How To Make Sure Your Ape Isn't Accidentally Listed For Sale

Bored Ape Yacht Club members are saying there is an issue with Opensea’s UI where apes are getting sold on other marketplaces if the listings are not canceled; even though they appear to be canceled on Opensea.

BAYC member Carson Turner tweeted that his bored ape accidentally sold after he transferred it to a wallet where the ape was previously listed for sale.

“The listing UI error on @opensea doesn’t show the item was for sale any longer,” Carson Tweeted. “I had originally moved it, not to save gas, but because I was actually trying to cancel the listing in the first place. My @Ledger wasn’t working properly with MM and I didn’t know what else to do. I moved it out of the hardware wallet once I had wiped and reinstalled Ledger Live etc and saw it was no longer listed. This is an Ape that I did not want to sell and I’m asking for it to be returned. I’ll pay whatever fees may have been incurred.”

There appears to be an issue with the listing appearing on Opensea after users move their NFTs back into a wallet where the item was previously listed.

BAYC member RDM_41 reached out to the Bored Ape Gazette and explained what he thinks is happening and how he thinks BAYC members can keep their apes from being sold by mistake.

“So first, this UI bug has happened because users previously thought that transferring an asset (ape) between wallets. I never understood this personally so I always canceled out my own listings, but I knew they were trying to avoid gas. Unfortunately that's not how blockchains work. Blockchains need transactions to cancel listings. Unfortunately for many BAYC owners, they falsely thought transferring between wallets canceled the listing because @opensea's UI failed to show listings after a wallet transfer. Likely because the new wallet technically doesn't have any listings. But eventually these owners are transferring the asset back to the old wallet & guess what, the UI still doesn't show the listings, but via @rariblethe listings are easily found In fact, just look right here:[filter][statuses][]=FIXED_PRICE… There are tons of listings for apes WAY under floor. I have the ETH but am scared to buy these, what if they get blacklisted by the all powerful @opensea the centralized #NFT trading service of decentralized #ETH #NFTs The way to check your apes is to get your apes serial number & check the listing on @rarible. Hopefully someone can contribute a way to clean up these old listings. I imagine not putting back in the listing wallet is one safe way for now. But there has to be another way to get these old listings canceled. If I had to imagine there is a certain element of the @openseacontract you might could interact with. Or maybe buy from yourself via @rarible idk yet, I will keep you posted on what I find. Be safe Ape Frens.”

Be sure to check Rarible to make sure your ape isn’t listed by mistake.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to look into this bring you more information as it becomes available.

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