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Pixel Vault's United Planetary DAO Might Make A $1.1 million USD Offer On The Golden Key

This Pixel Vault universe DAO may make a move for one of the most sought-after and mysterious pieces in the Yuga Labs ecosystem!

United Planetary DAO member ZeeKay recently submitted a proposal to the UPDAO that, if passed, would authorize the organization to bid 690 Eth or $1,1173,000 on the #1 ranked Sewer Pass.

This pass was recently transformed into the Golden Key that was previously lodged in Jimmy The Monkey's butthole. At this time we do not know much about the key other than it opens the mystical box that Curtis received from the toilet Knight in the Trial of Jimmy the Monkey Prologue video.

“The recent Dookey Dash gamified mint experience captivated the entire web3 news cycle for 2+ weeks,” ZeeKay tweeted in an 11 part Twitter thread. “It is a giant step forward for web3 gaming, and the historic prize of the 1/1 Golden Key is a historic artifact of the upcoming web3 gaming explosion. With the Golden Key in it's treasury, the UPDAO can use it for the benefit of the UPDAO community. Whether that's utilizing the key's utility in upcoming gamified mint experience, developing IP to interweave in UPDAO created activations, the possibilities are endless.”

Following ZeeKay’s Twitter post, Pixel Vault founder, GFunk, took to social media and shared his thoughts on this DooKey deal.

"Big things coming soon to the @pixelvault_ gaming ecosystem. I am admittedly torn on this one as it comes at significant expense to the DAO but an interesting thought exercise, nonetheless. What does the rest of the @UPDAO_ think? How about the @apecoin DAO?”

UPDAO members are currently voting on this proposal here, and have until February 22nd to cast their votes. The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the DAO and will let you know what they decide next week.

Regardless of how the UPDAO vote goes, it is unclear whether 690 Eth would be enough to buy the coveted key.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Mongraal, the user who won the Golden Key in the DooKey Dash, currently has the sought-after asset listed for 2,222 Eth or $3.8 Million USD.

At the time of this article’s publication, the highest offer Mongraal has on the key is 222 Eth or 380,000 USD, according to Opensea data.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to cover the Golden Key and will keep you posted on everyone who makes an offer on it! Stay tuned for updates.

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