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PLAY BALL: The MLB And Improbable Held an Event At Their Newly Built Metaverse Ballpark!

Major League Baseball and Improbable’s Virtual Ballpark was a home run with fans and tech enthusiasts alike last night as thousands gathered in the metaverse to enjoy America’s past time!

‘If you build it, they will come’ rang true last night as 1,500 concurrent tech enthusiasts and baseball fans gathered at the MLB’s Virtual Ballpark, which is powered by Improbable’s M2 tech, to watch a celebrity softball game!

During the event, fans explored the stadium, answered trivia questions, watched the game on jumbo screens, and even got to run on to the field without the fear of arrest or a lifetime ban!

“So unbelievably proud of the @MSquared_io and @Improbableio teams tonight as we put on a show with our friends at @MLB,” Improbable CEO and Co-Founder Herman Narula tweeted after the event. “Its the first step, but this is the future of sport, hearing the crowd roar from my house at 3am in London and all those fans and shout outs INTO the stadium from the celebs was wild!”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported Improbable is working to build the interoperable metaverse, that will include Yuga Labs’ Otherside, a top its M2 technology.

During a metaverse lecture last month, Narula explained that in the future users will be able to bring their avatars and collectibles that are compatible with Improbable's open format protocol dubbed Metaverse Markup Language between worlds in the M2 network.

“It’s essentially like an ecosystem that lets everybody profit,” Narula said. “So, you can make a world like Sandbox and Decentraland, you can connect one in, you can create MML objects, and you can have them move from world to world. You can create and use experiences that have thousands of people in them at the same time. And none of these are going to be decisions that are only made my Improbable. So M2 stands apart from us and is kind of like an underlying telecoms network for the metaverse. And there will be economic incentives that will incentivize all of the large metaverses we are working with to create more interoperable.”

Following last night’s event, Narula announced that Improbable will be doing another metaverse experience on July 13th.

“And our next sports event is very soon indeed! on the 13th we welcome a legend from @Arsenal for a different kind of experience, building each time toward ever richer interaction,” Narula tweeted.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Improbable and will let you know when more information about next week’s event becomes available. Stay tuned for updates!

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