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Red Ape Family, A Cartoon Based On Bored Apes Drops Tomorrow. Find Out More Here:

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

This Bored Ape and his team are about to release a cartoon based on the adventures of his NFTs.

Bored Ape Yacht Club Member Youssouf Bedraoui Drissi, and his team worked to create an animated series called The Red Ape Family.

"It’s 2130. The earth is dying. The Red Ape Family has had enough, and decide to escape to Muskville, Mars, to start a new life," The Red Ape Family Publicist and Writer Chris Goward told the Bored Ape Gazette. "They’ve secured a visa to work for the shadowy Muskville Council, but their jobs have yet to be revealed. Keen to impress their new employers with a gift, they decide to break into the Louvre to steal the most valuable thing they can lay their hands on."

The series will feature around the Red Ape Family, Chucky (Bored Ape #6614), the father of the family. Winky (Bored Ape #6408) the mother, and their twin sons Ceaser and Hunky (Bored Ape #9463).

Goward told the Gazette that he doesn't want to spoil the show but promised that the Red Ape Family's adventure will be quite the journey. "We don’t want to give too much away before the first episode is out. Suffice to say, TRAF’s journey to Mars is just the start of an epic and mind-bending intergalactic odyssey. However, we can reveal that TRAF’s new boss, the dastardly Director of the Muskville Foundation, has some especially devilish plans in store for the family related to the “gift” they’ve given him."

The Red Ape Family will be available for everyone to watch on YouTube starting tomorrow November 25th.

While the show is available for everyone to watch, Goward and the Red Ape Family team are also selling 333 NFTs of the shows first episode.

Goward told the Gazette that their NFT will give the holder many benefits "including a 25% share of OTT (over the top) streaming revenue shared between holders," the chance to win a bored ape or mutant ape that was featured in the show's first episode, among many other things.

"We didn’t just want to hold BAYC NFTs and watch them appreciate in value, Goward said."After some research, we discovered that there was a huge gap in the market. NFT projects, on the whole, lacked innovation and true utility. Projects were siloed, and no one was incentivised to derive tangible benefits from IP and commercial rights. We also noted that there were limited ROI possibilities beyond reselling, staking, getting free tokens/airdrops. That’s why we decided to do something that had never been done before. Something that would bring the entire NFT community together and create endless opportunities for holders."

For more information about The Red Ape Family NFT, be sure to check out the show on Twitter @TheRedApeFamily or go to their website,

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Dec 26, 2021

this sounds like the worst idea in the history of mankind

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