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RESULTS ARE IN: Here's Who Won Thank Ape's First Digital Art Contest.

The future of ApeCoin is bright after Thank Ape’s first art competition was a success and over 5,000 $Ape was awarded to creatives from across the Yugaverse!

After 100 artists participated in Thank Ape's Visual Art Contest, dubbed 'The Future Of ApeCoin,' earlier this month, and thousands of $Apes voted for their favorite works, the ApeCoin DAO-funded initiative distributed 5,000 $Ape worth of rewards to 80 semifinalists, 22 pre-finalists, six finalists, and one grand prize winner earlier this week!

“We feel so grateful to have the opportunity to acknowledge and reward the artists in ApeCoin for their invaluable contributions to our community and culture,” ThankApe told the Bored Ape Gazette. “Art is where we started, and it will be such an important part of our future!”

Take a look at some of the semifinalists and pre-finalists from Thank Ape’s contest:

The grand prize winner of Thank Ape's visual art contest, who was awarded a whopping 1,069 $Ape, was Twitter user LineHammett for her piece titled 'Through the digital veil, a hand extends, To bridge the gap between virtual and tangible ends.'

“Ok, I have collected myself, and I literally had to pick my jaw up from the floor when @ThankApe announced my name in the same sentence as "winner,” LineHammett tweeted after her victory. “I cannot express enough how much this means to me, not just to win this but the overwhelming support and everything else that came along participating in this contest. I've seen my @tronbies family and everything that belongs to this incredible universe and network stepping up and having my back, I've seen my @mutant_cartel family showing up going above and beyond and being the incredible bunch of people that you are. Thanks to @ThankApe, I've had the pleasure of connecting with extraordinary artists, witnessing jaw-dropping submissions, and developing an unwavering bullishness for $APE and the entire vibrant community that revolves around it. I want to point out a huge congratulations to everyone that submitted a piece of art, you were a part of a great initiative. My personal victory has always been when my art moves or entertains people, in one way or another. I am excited to keep creating, and it's so great to know that #ThankApe really focus on highlighting the art and artists of web3. I am so ready, let's fucking go!”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow ThankApe and is working to bring you a spotlight story on LineHammett and her winning art piece later this weekend! Stay tuned for updates!

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