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SAY HELLO TO HIS LITTLE RESOURCES: CryptoTony Now Owns One Of Every Otherside Resource!

Say hello to all his little resources! CryptoTony is now one of just seven Otherside Moguls to own at least one of every resource in Yuga Labs’ upcoming metaverse!

Otherside Voyager CryptoTony channeled his inner Tony Montana as he accumulated the Ethereum and then used it on the resources that power the Otherside!

“74 / 74 resource collection now complete for @OthersideMeta and the 7th in the world to do so, alongside some legends like @Banana__BuLLeT/ @General6316/ @nobody_vault/ @abpmoon/ @RobertTheWhale1,” he tweeted earlier this month on June 15th. “Huge thanks to @Queenkayx1 for the help and the final piece .. Fragmentia.”

After he purchased one of every resource, CryptoTony told the Gazette that buying Otherdeeds has become a bit of an addiction for him and that he’s committed to having maximum exposure to the Otherside ecosystem as Yuga Labs makes the metaverse.

“Since I first glanced on the Otherside collection and its vast ecosystem, I was looking, of course for the best area to focus on for the maximum exposure to the ecosystem, as it evolves and develops,” he said. “Then we can see we have 74 unique resources, with 3 separate tiers, each unique to specific environments. This to me was the way to get maximum exposure, along with having a bit of a challenge at the same time. Took many months to complete the set, but finally got there, with a lot of help from my friends I made on my journey.”

Since joining the 74/74 resource club, CryptoTony has continued adding Otherdeeds to his portfolio. At the time of this article’s publication, CryptoTony is up to 80 Otherdeeds.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow CryptoTony as he continues to build his Otherside portfolio! Wtay tuned for updates.

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