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Some Voyagers Attended An Otherside Meeting With The Yuga Labs Team Yesterday. Here's What We Know:

Yuga Labs held a virtual zoom call presentation with several Voyagers yesterday to get their feedback on Otherside and pick their brains on everything from Legends of The Mara to Kodas!

Yesterday at 3 P.M. EST, Voyagers from around the world got the chance to hop on a call with members of the Yuga Labs team and discuss the metaverse.

While Voyagers had to sign NDAs to participate, attendees told the Gazette that they enjoyed getting to hop on a call, see a presentation, and start a line of communication between the community and the company.

While we do not know much about what was shared on the call, several Voyagers did take to Twitter after the event and let some alpha leak.

One point that several Voyagers tweeted about after the event was on the importance of Kodas.

“Yesterday, I and a few other voyagers had the pleasure of meeting with the Otherside gaming team to talk about Koda's role in the @yugalabsgaming ecosystem,” Mega Koda Holder Kodama tweeted. “I can't say much, so I'll just quote Daniel Alegre: "A Koda is something you must have"

Another Mega Koda Holder, AgoraMarketplace.Eth, also took to Twitter after the call and said that ‘great things’ are ahead for mythical creatures.

While winks and nods about the importance of Kodas and the role they may play in the Metaverse are great, some attendees mentioned that the most promising thing to come out of yesterday's call with Yuga Labs was the company's willingness to listen to criticism and embark on this journey to the Otherside alongside Voyagers.

“The Otherside team handled points of concern and criticism with poise and grace, they welcomed and answered every question directly, and their passion for the vision of what’s to come for Otherside is infectious and noteworthy,” BAYC member White-House tweeted after yesterday’s call. “Through thick or thin, @yugalabs, @yugalabsgaming , and the @OthersideMeta team are proving - through actions and not empty promises - why this ecosystem is bigger than any of us ever imagined while doodling pixels on a digital urinal wall.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow all things Otherside and will let you know when the company announces another trip to the metaverse. Stay tuned for updates!

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