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SPOTLIGHT: House Of Guccheetah Is Releasing Its First Phygital Item At the End Of The Month

Yuga Labs’ recent collaboration with Gucci reinvigorated this insane Mutant Ape’s desire to make his own web3 phygital brand, House of Guccheetah.

BAYC member Guccheetah has been into fashion all his life and has been working to create his own web3 brand that incorporates the Bored Ape Yacht Club since 2021!

“When BAYC came around with all its iconic art and IP potential and I couldn’t wait to tap it to bring some of it to life with my own spin,” he told the Gazette.

Years later Guccheetah finally joined the swamp and found the perfect Ape for him and his brand.

Guccheetah purchased Mutant Ape #3549 on April 9th, 2023! Mutant Ape #3549 is a five trait M2 cheetah fur primate with 3D eyes, a bored cigarette mouth and a Hawaiian shirt.

“I was inspired by Yuga’s collaboration with Gucci and started developing my Guccheetah identity, and eventually worked my way up to a Mutant to join BAYC. I was patient and chose this M2 for his attributes with the idea of House OG in mind."

After Guccheetah had found his Ape, he focused on bringing his brand to the web3 community!

“House OG means House of Guccheetah, but more than that it represents all the OGs in this space and the yacht club is full of us," he said. “We are a bunch of OGs that are in need of gear that reflects our culture, and I can’t wait to show the community what I got in store.”

House of Guccheetah’s first phygital item, a Hawaiian shirt, is set to drop on August 31st and will feature a ‘Halo Chip' in the garments label that will prove authenticity on chain along with several winks& nodes to the Mutant Ape Yacht Club design that inspired it.

In order to participate in Guccheetah’s first phygital item drop, and all his subsequent drops, you must claim his free OG token on Manifold.

“Introducing the inaugural NFT from House OG, the ‘OG Token - Genesis Edition,’ exclusively crafted for our pioneering OGs who have been integral to the inception of House OG, he wrote. “This exclusive token unlocks rare releases and future surprises. Enter the realm of House OG, where fashion seamlessly blends with web3 culture.”

Apes and Web3 enthusiasts who are interested in picking up Gucceetah's free token can do so here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Guccheetah and his phygital brand. Stay tuned for updates!

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