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SPOTLIGHT: These 'Mega Dorks' Are Getting Apes Memeing Again With Their Vibes-Based Biz, Bored Memes!

Three self-proclaimed 'MEGA DORKS' are bringing back the early Bored Ape Yacht Club vibes with their 'no mints, only vibes' monkey business, BoredMemes.

 A lot has changed over the past three years around the swamp. The Yugaverse has grown from a 10,000 primate NFT collection to a full-fledged ecosystem complete with a DAO and lore.

 Somewhere along the line, Apes stopped laughing at themselves, and the vibes changed around the swamp. So longtime BAYC members ChastenXBT, FoxSlightly, and Bayc1K teamed up to create Bored Memes in an effort to get Apes memeing again and teach them a thing or two about taking themselves less seriously!

 “We have received questions: 1. Will there be an NFT airdrop or mint? – No,” the group tweeted earlier this week. “2. Why do this? - Because Memes define culture. And we are having fun creating these 3. Can we have our Apes featured? - Yes, in due course. We will ask for community apes for Memes. All for free.”

Less than a week after Bored Memes began shitposting, BAYC members ChastenXBT, FoxSlightly, and Bayc1K have flooded the timeline with cartoons featuring notable Apes like Herb, 0xWave, Jeff Nicholas, DFarmer, and Garga, providing commentary on everything from the bear market to claims that Apes are definitely dead!


As Bored Memes continues to grow, the group announced that they have teamed up with Nifty Tailor today to release a new line of ‘Mega Dork' dunce hats, Bored Meme sunglasses, and ‘Apes Are Ded’ hoodies to get their online frens in on the memes!

“We have partnered with our friends at @niftytailor to bring some awesome drip,” Bored Memes tweeted. “Head over to their tailoring shop to get yourself fitted. No need to connect any wallet!”


 BAYC and MAYC members can their primates ready to meme at Nifty Tailor's website here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Bored Memes and will let you know what these shitposters do next. Stay tuned for updates!

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