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SPOTLIGHT: This Artist Is Reimagining Bored Apes In A New Cartoonish Style!

This longtime Chimper and artist has been making waves around the swamp after releasing a new derivative work that looks like it’d fit in an episode of a show like Rick and Morty!

Things have been anything but boring for Web3 animator NonFungibleMotion after he shared his latest derivative works that are a total vibe.

“I’m not new to derivs," NonfungibleMotion told the paper. “I’ve been doing animations and illustrations based on existing characters with strong IP - mostly Yuga and Chimpers - since 2022. I am good friend with HunterNFT and made the first one for him to explore different styles.”

NonFungibleMotion’s new style quickly caught on with Primates around the Bored Ape Yacht Club as everyone started going bananas for this new look. “I Got very good feedback from the community and got to make around 15 at this point,” he told the paper.

He event got a retweet from Yuga Labs Co-Founder, Gordon Goner, after reimagining his blue beam primate!

When asked what inspired this look, NonfungibleMotion told the Gazette that these were not meant to be based on any particular style but they may have been implicitly influenced by his love of cartoons and his background in graffiti art!


“So I didn’t directly take inspiration from anything, but being an animator myself and having trained and watched a lot adult animation series the style may have come through,” He told the paper. “I think of family guy, Simpsons, BoJack, Rick and Morty and similar when I think what could have inspired this. I have also been into graffiti environment when I was younger so that may have transpired as well.”


Apes who are interested in having their primates animated like this can reach out to NonfungibleMotion  on Twitter @nfungiblemotion for more details.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow NonfungibleMotion and will let you know when he releases another boring derivative. Stay tuned for updates!

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