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SPOTLIGHT This BAYC Member Has Been Anything But Bored As Yuga Labs Forges Towards The Metaverse

Bored Ape Yacht Club Member Bermuda (ItzBermuda) emerged from the sewers after Dookey Dash, not only as a gamer but also as a liaison for one of the prominent Web 3 gaming ecosystems.

Where others saw gaming this Ape saw community, opportunity , and a new service that needed to be fulfilled.

"When I started Bored Gamers, I knew that having a community inside of any game is what creates an ecosystem," Bermuda said. "A Community in turn spawns chat forums , guilds, trading markets, resource farmers, quest completionists, and content creators which then drives attention and energy into the in-game economy. This growth pushes the envelope on what is needed in a game and businesses are created inside those games especially MMORPG Worlds as digital resources and services find fair market value. Our job at Bored Gamers is to deliver these services to you by leveraging our experience and knowledge! We want to capture the attention of NFT Holders whether it’s playing for you, selling you resources, or helping you achieve a desired result in game!”

Before managing digital assets, Bermuda started his gaming journey 24 years ago with the Sega Dreamcast. This led to participating in competitive game battles in Halo, running Destiny raids, playing Fortnite, Apex, and Rocket League. However, it was Runescape, a MMORPG that would best prepare him for NFTs and eventually founding Bored Gamers.

“I started playing in the mid to late 2000's and the way to trade was flipping in-game items on the open market and spending my time trading on forums. I learned the value of in-game Digital items and their varying volatilities pretty early on in my gaming career.”

With the release of HV-MTL Forge, and eventually Legends of the Mara, Bermuda is doubling down on the metaverse and has started searching for talented gamers to play for him so he could focus on the business end.

Enter Cotal, the lead gamer for Bored Gamers!

Cotal is an experienced gamer who most notably was a professional Fortnite player. At one point Cotal was the #1 ranked Fortnite player in the world clocking in 14 hours a day and sometimes 20 hours of play time!

Currently, Cotal is overseeing 500 votes and 70 HVs in Forge. This may sound overwhelming to most, but for Cotal it’s just another day.

“I've always gamed at a high level, so when it comes to games where you actually have to put in the time and grind, I’ll always outwork everyone,” he said.

While Cotal is Bored Gamer's Lead player, the team is also comprised of other who all together manage 200 HVs and distribute 1,800 votes per day.

"We have sold nearly 100,000 votes across all three seasons," Bermuda said.

HV-MTL Forge is just the tip of the iceberg for Bored Gamers as the team plans to make their presence felt in the Rift next month and the Otherside later this year! The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow ItzBermuda and Bored Gamers and will keep you posted on their gaming journey. Stay tuned for updates!

For more information on Bored Gamers or if you're looking for someone to play HV-MTL Forge for you, check out their contact information below:




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