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SPOTLIGHT: This Koda Holder Went From Asking 'What's A Koda' To Creating 'What's A Garga!'

After the community asked Yuga Labs’ Co-Founder, Garga, ‘what the fuck is a Koda’ millions of times over the last year, a group of Otherside inhabitants have flipped the script and asked ‘what the fuck is a Garga’ and are turning to artificial intelligence for an answer!

After Yuga Labs’ CEO Daniel Alegre said that a Koda is something you must have earlier this year, Koda holder and AI-Aritst, CryptoWaldo, and a group Otherdeed holders in the metaverse’s Discord server began to joke with one another about ‘What the fuck is a Garga.'

“The Koda is wrapped in a lot of mystery and we know so little about it's lore, so it started a community movement on the official discord with a line.. "Hey Garga, WTF is a Koda"? Since we know that Garga frequently reads the chats, we all hoped for an answer. It never came, ofc, because they have their own plans and timing to disclose such information.”

While Yuga Labs did not tell the group what a Koda is, CryptoWaldo got to work on defining what a Garga is in his latest AI-Art piece!

“I use Midjourney with custom prompts to transform a photo of the person I want to change,” CryptoWaldo explained. “In the prompts, I'm able to select some aspects I want to add or remove, create backgrounds, change the colors and general theme.”

For CryptoWaldo’s piece, he started with a photo of Garga from a photo shoot with Input Magazine from 2022 and added several Otherside related prompts!

“The background is fantasy cartoon themed, using what I see as ‘Otherside’ can be or have” CryptoWaldo explained.

CryptoWaldo is currently working on releasing an entire collection based on the Yuga Labs leadership team reimagined in Otherside via MidJourney and will be sharing the images later this week!

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow CryptoWaldo and will let you know when he releases his full Yuga Labs inspired collection. Stay tuned for updates!

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