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SPOTLIGHT:This Voyager Is Lighting Up The Otherside With His Luminescent Maps. Here's How To Get One

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

As the Voyagers get ready to break on through to the Otherside later this year, a new data aggregator project is turning Yuga Labs’ Otherside map into custom works of art.

Yuga Labs’ Otherside metaverse is made up of 200,000 Otherdeeds—100,000 of which were distributed in 2022, and another 100,000 that will be dispersed to Voyagers who help develop the metaverse at a later date. Many in the community have been stacking Otherdeeds since the project’s mint in 2022 and cannot wait to break on through to the Otherside and explore their lands.

As Voyagers patiently wait to explore the metaverse, Otherdex, a new Otherside data website that will give Voyagers the chance to chart their deeds, had Twitter lighting up in luminescent colors as they turned Voyagers holdings into beautiful works of art!

“Leading up the beta release of Otherdex, we began teasing our info-maps which are designed to give voyagers a fresh new way to view their Otherdeeds,” the Otherdex team told the Gazette. “Each info-map plots the voyager’s deeds on the Otherside map, color-coded by sediment. Around the perimeter are insights into the voyager’s inventory. Soon, everyone will be able to view & share their own maps from the Voyager Dashboard on Otherdex.”

From Voyagers with just a few Otherdeeds scattered throughout the metaverse to large lands owners like JRNY Crypto and Nobody.Eth, every custom Otherdex map is something special!

Voyagers who would like to have their own custom Otherside map made can either reach out to the Otherdex team via Twitter @Otherdex or wait for the project to launch its website later this year.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Otherdex and will let you know when they launch their site. Stay tuned for updates!

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