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SWAMP STYLE: Boring Merch Just Dropped Its Latest Summertime Fit. Check It Out Here:

Made By Apes brand Boring Merch is gearing up the Web3 world for summer around the swamp with a new abstract Ape shirt featuring a unique primate design and a rich pastel color scheme that's anything but boring!

It's summertime at the Bored Ape Yacht Club, and BAYC member ApeWhale was looking for a new print for his MBA brand Boring Merch when he came across a work of art by BoredJosei, owned by fellow BAYC member Dort, which would make the perfect tee.

“I came across BoredJoseis cubism piece ‘Summer apes’ the other week and before I could buy it,Dort did lol,” ApeWhale told the Gazette. “I had been in comms with josei about turning it into a shirt because I loved the abstract apes and art in it. Once I saw that Dort owned it, I reached out to Dort and pitched the idea of making it a shirt. He liked it. So we collabed and the rest is summer apes history.”


The three collabed and ApeWhale’s Boring Merch released its Summer Apes Tech Shirt earlier this week. “Josei said that its inspired by the club obviously but none of the apes exist,” ApeWhale said. “I just love the art and wanted to see it IRL.”



BAYC members can purchase a ‘Summer Apes’ shirt  from Boring Merch’s website for $49.99 USD while supplies last here:



The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Boring Merch and will let you know what they drop next. Stay tuned for updates!

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