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G TAG YOU'RE IT: 10KTF Confirmed That G Tags Will Be 10KTF Profile Photos

The train waits for no one! Thursday’s 10KTF Tweets did not disappoint as the typically vague project shared the alpha on one of the project’s most speculative assets.

Wen broke the fourth wall this evening as she spoke directly to viewers about 10KTF’s G-Tags.

“Wen: How many times do I have to tell you? G-Tags become the 10KTF PFP,” she said. “Use G-Tags wisely throughout Season 2.”

While Wen overtly told the community that G Tags will become 10KTF profile photos during the project’s season 2, holders do not know what the art will look like or when they will be able to get ta G PFP.

For those who are new to the 10KTf world, a “G Tag is a material like no other, an insignia of Wagmi-san's Genesis collection,” according to the item's Opensea description. “Used in combination with other tools and materials, customers will be able to advance Wagmi-san’s goals.”

Following this post, Wen took to Twitter again and said that the project will be holding its last genesis item recycling opportunity next week.

“Wen: Reese will be around for definitely 10 hours next Thursday starting at 8AM PST. Recycling will never yield G-Tags again after this.”

During this recycling event, users will be able to burn a Genesis property 10KTF item for a G Tag and a blank of the item. Users can find these Genesis items by searching the 10KTF collection for the Genesis property trait.

The Bored Ape Gazette is working on to bring you more coverage of 10KTF’s Thursday tweets. Stay tuned for updates!

NOTE: Shoutout to Modest_Dreams for explaining recycling to the Gazette!

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