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TAP IN:This Bored Ape Yacht club Member Is Getting Apes Fitted With Apple Vision Pro Goggles

While Apple's Vision Pro goggles will not be available until early 2024, a member of the Bored Ape Yacht Club is giving their fellow primates the chance to try on these head-turning devices with their latest Ape edit.

Earleir this week, the entire BAYC ecosystem watched as Apple revealed its Vison Pro goggles at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

Real life users won’t be able to try Apple’s new $3,499 USD VR headsets until next year, but BAYC member LordWhole is letting their fellow primates try on the headsets right now!

Over the last few day’s LordWhole has been fitting Bored Apes and Mutants with their own VR headsets!

LordWhole told the Gazette that he is looking forward to getting to use an Apple VR headset to visit the Otherside sometime in the future!

“If a VR will be needed inside Otherside, I want Apple to be on my face lol,” he said. “Ps: without excluding the possibility of Yuga producing their own VR or Console, as I read in some rumors.”

While LordWhole isn’t certain what type of tech will be compatible with the Otherside when it opens later this year, he is sure that he's bullish on Yuga Labs’ metaverse. “I really believe the Otherside, I am the Founder of @other_italy the Italian community of voyagers,” he said.

BAYC members who want to get their primates fitted with an Apple VR Headset can DM LordWhole on Twitter (@LordWhole) to get theirs!

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