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TELL ME WHY: The Answer To The Second Twelvefold Puzzle Was 'RHYTHM.' Find Out How To Solve It:

Beatlemania infected the Yugaverse this week as Yuga Labs' second Twelvefold Puzzle was inspired by some of The Fab Four’s most iconic songs!

Yuga Labs’ second Blockchain brain teaser hit all the right notes on Tuesday as the community had to ‘come together, right now,’ and solve this musical mystery based on the Beatles.

This week’s puzzle featured six Twevlefold works of art that moved and grooved to their own beat that solvers had to decipher.

While last week’s Twelvefold puzzle solver JTobcat did not win this week's contest, he did take to Twitter and explain how he got the right answer; “RHYTHM.”

“Each gif shows frames from the original 12 images of different time lengths," he explained. "Breaking down the 2nd gif into original image and time lengths is shown below. 1. 9 (0.25s) 2. 7 (0.5s) 3. 9 (0.5s) 4. 5 (0.75s) 5. 9 (0.25s) 6. 5 (0.25s) 7. 7 (0.25s) 8. 9 (0.75s) With different length (0.125s - 2.5s) and images (1-12), its time to deduce what this could mean from the flavor text. References of "droning" and "images are to scale" are hints that the 12 images represent a musical octave scale as notes of varying lengths. Mapping the 12 ordered images to a piano keyboard now tells you how to play each gif as a song! (Note: some of the gifs required slightly shifting the octave from shown below).”

JTobcat then said, to solve this puzzle, participants would have to put the notes from each TwelveFold gif into a virtual keyboard and play the songs which he determined were: 1. Rain 2. Here Comes the Sun 3. Yellow Submarine 4. Tell Me Why 5. Hey Jude 6. Michelle.

“And reading the first letter of each song gives the final answer of RHYTHM, he explained.

The Bored Ape Gazette reached out to this week’s Twelvefold puzzle solver, omaru53684882, and will be bringing you a full spotlight report on them tomorrow afternoon.

Stay tuned for updates!

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