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The ApeCoin DAO Is Heading To The Polls To Cast Its Coins On Two Important ApeChain Votes!

Things will be anything but boring over the next two weeks as ApeCoin DAO Contributors head to the polls and cast their coins on two separate Apechain proposals that will have a lasting impact on $Ape for years to come.

There are two major ApeChain related votes taking place at the ApeCoin DAO between now and February 14th.

The first vote, which is taking place between now and February 7th, is a simple yes or no vote titled ‘ApeChain: Build an ApeChain - Vote For or Against,’ where the community is asked whether or not $Ape should have its own chain.

The second proposal, which will only be necessary if the DAO votes that it wants an ApeChain, is titled ‘ApeChain: Selection of proponent to build ApeChain.’


In this second ApeChain vote, the DAO will cast their coins and decide whether it wants Polygon Labs, the Horizen Labs and Arbitrum team, the A-Team and Optimism team, or the Matter Labs and zkSync team to build the ApeCoin DAO’s ApeChain. $Apes will have between now and February 14th to cast their coins in this second ApeChain vote.

As the polls open and $Apes begin to cast their coins, Special Council Member Waabam reiterated the importance of these two votes and encouraged everyone holding $Ape to ape into the voting process.

“ApeChain has the potential to really kickstart the growth of the ApeCoin ecosystem,” Waabam told the Gazette. “There are a ton of key infrastructure and public goods required to build out a blockchain, and this will require significant development and growth in the ecosystem. This will then be followed by a wave of new ApeCoin-powered games and experiences. These are very exciting proposals for the DAO, and the choice between them is in my view, the most significant decision the ApeCoin DAO has ever had to make. Whichever team wins will become a close partner of the ApeCoin DAO for years to come. So the stakes are very high. So read the proposals, read community commentary, attend community spaces, and get out and vote!”


The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you in depth coverage of all four of the ApeChain proposals and will bring you updates and recaps on all things ApeChain between now and February 14th. Stay tuned for updates!

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