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The ApeCoin DAO's Official Marketplace Had Its First Native Trade. Find Out More:

It was a big day for the ApeCoin DAO and its official marketplace as the platform had its first native Ape trade!

After Sang Solutions opened the digital doors to its ApeCoin marketplace last week, the company announced that it had its first ever Ape trade.

"You know what makes #Mutant #16978 so special? It was the first ape traded natively on the official ApeCoin marketplace," Snag Solutions tweeted.

Mutant Ape #16978 is a five trait M1 dark brown fur primate with a lab coat, an eyepatch, and a bored cigarette mouth.

Following the trade, Snag Solutions Founder, Zheerwagen, told the Gazette that he and the team are excited to see the community using the platform

"We’re fired up to see sales coming across so quickly, but even more excited to keep shipping new features until this is the default for Ape purchasing this is just the start," he said.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Snag Solutions’ Ape marketplace and will keep you posted on $Ape holders’ usage of the platform. You can check out the website below:

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