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THE BIRB HAS LANDED:  254 Space Helemt Wearing Moonbirds Landed On The Surface Of The Moon Yesterday!

Updated: Feb 23

Less than a week after the PROOF Collective landed in the Yugaverse, 254 Space Helmet wearing Birbs landed on the literal moon!


On Thursday, NASA returned to the  surface of the Moon for the first time in 52 years during its IM-1 Lunar Lander mission.

As this marked a small step towards NASA’s goal of having humans return to the moon one day, this mission was also a giant leap for Moonbirds and the NFT space at large because 254 Astronaut Birbs were part of the mission’s Lunaprise Museum and bravely flew where no bird has flown before!

“All @moonbirds with the space helmet were inscribed in a metal plate that has just now landed on the moon,” the project’s founder, Kevin Rose tweeted last night. “Congratulations to all the holders.”


After the mission was accomplished, longtime BAYC member and Space Helmet Moonbird holder, Nix.Eth, told the paper that he was so happy to have his NFTs be part of an out of this world collab!

"There is a great quote from 1986 by the artist Ellery Kurtz. He had art sent into space and said "Where man goes, art must go,’” Nix said. “For me it's an exciting celebration of art, NFTs, engineering, and space exploration. The future of humanity as explorers and innovators. I am a bit of a space geek, Nix is one of the moons of Pluto. I don't think the event has quite sunk in for the broader space yet. Here you have private aerospace companies like Intuitive Machines and SpaceX, with the assistance of NASA, pushing humanity forward, and NFT art was a part of it!”


The Bored Ape Gazette is working on additional coverage of the Moonbirds making it to the literal moon and will continue to follow all things PROOF! Stay tuned for updates!

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