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Bored Apes Comic: Alt Ape Vacation Drops Today. Find Out How To Get Your Ape In The Next Issue

The first Bored Ape Yacht Club inspired comic book series dropped today and the creators want to possibly include your ape in the stroy.

Bored Ape @NBATopShotEast launched part 1 of his comic book series, Bored apes comic : Alt Ape Vacation.

"We made this comic in reference to the crazy times in the space at the moment," NBATopShotEast said.

Alt Ape Vacation follows our heroic apes on their journey from their yacht back to the mainland in order to sell their mooning meme coins. However, things don’t go as planned as our heroes run into several obstacles as their meme coins prices' fluctuate.

NBATopShotEast told the gazette that his goal for this comic, is for it to be completely community driven. Going forward the community will decide the story and the apes that it features.

In total, NBATopShotEast is minting 3,000 comics and will be selling them for .018 ETH.

Each comic purchased gives the holder a vote in the overall story and which apes will be featured in the next comic. If your ape is selected, you will receive a portion of the proceeds the comic brings in. NBATopShotEast also said there will be several NFT and ETH giveaways to holders as the comic sells.

Alt Ape Vacation is now avaible for purchase on opensea at this link:

Alt Ape Vacation was minted on Matic, so the process to access the comic after your purchase is a tad different than what apes new to crypto are use to.

NBATopShotEast told the Gazette if any apes need help accessing the comic to reach out to him or the team on their discord channel at @BoredApesComic for a complete walk through.

For more information about the comic, be sure to follow @NBATopShotEast on Twitter.

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lekor adams
lekor adams
Jan 05

Excitement buzzes as the Bored Apes Comic announces the release of Alt Ape Vacation. Amidst the anticipation, consider weaving moments of escape and reconnection into your own narrative, akin to the ethos of WheelofBliss—a company embodying the concept of a wheel of bliss, providing a sanctuary for reconnection with oneself, others, and the natural world. While diving into the Bored Apes world, envision a retreat of your own, away from the modern hustle, affirming connections and returning fortified. Just as the Alt Ape Vacation drops, explore the potential of crafting your retreat, a personalized journey promising not only entertainment but a transformative escape into bliss and connection.

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