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The HV-MTL Collection Is Vibing After Coming Through The Rift And Into The Swamp Yesterday

"HV-MTL Mechs are vibing to J3FF's mixtape after coming through the rift yesterday afternoon.

Being undisturbed for centuries and then suddenly being sucked through spacetime hasn't killed the HV-MTL collection's vibe one bit, as the Mechs released a nearly five-hour-long mixtape today.

“J3FF made you a mixtape,” the BAYC tweeted this afternoon. “Head over to our YouTube to listen to Sounds from the Rift: The HV-MTL Mix.”

The five our long mixtape is reminiscent of the BAYC’s Lofi hip hop radio channel that the club first aired on May 9th, 2021.

Following the mixtape’s release, BAYC Co-Founder Garga took to Twitter and shouted out WarpSound AI and "J3FF" for the HV-MTL vibes.

“J3FF bringing the vibes. Mix of sounds from @warpsound_ai plus some original tracks made for HV-MTL Forge by Emmett Spengler.”

Following Garga’s shoutout, “J3FF" AKA BAYC member and WarpSound AI’s ECD Jeff Nicholas thanked Yuga Labs and the BAYC for the chance to make these HV-MTL lo-fi beats.

“Incredibly honored to have @warpsound_ai selected by @BoredApeYC @yugalabs to provide the AI music for this awesome HV-MTL lo-Fi mix, Nicholas tweeted. “Hours of music to vibe to, the Rift sounds and looks amazing. Wait… who’s J3FF??”

HV-MTL Holders and BAYC members who are interested in checking out J3FF’s mixtape, can listen to the full set here:

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you continued coverage of the HV-MTL collection. Stay tuned for updates!

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