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The Mocaverse Is Getting Ready To Cast Its 1.5M Votes In The $Ape Elections. The Full Story Here:

The Mocaverse is ready to make a moca move at the ApeCoin DAO as the project votes to determine how it will allocate its 1.5 million $Ape votes during the ApeCoin DAO’s second election season.

Things have been anything but boring around the swamp as the $Ape community has taken to the polls to vote for their preferred Special Council and Working Group Steward nominees.

As $Apes go to the polls and vote in this summer’s elections, all eyes are now on the Mocaverse, an Animoca Brands membership NFT collection consisting of 8888 unique collectibles, which holds 1.5 million $Ape in its treasury. This means that the Mocaverse has 1.5 million votes to cast in each race.

“Hey #MocaFam still remember the 1.5M $APE in our Mocaverse treasury? It's time to utilize that #Mocalization influence,” the project tweeted on May 25th. “The @apecoin Special Council Election (Cycle 2) marks the launch of our Moca DAO AIP & DAO channels now live at Discord Come & make your voice heard.”

The Mocaverse project is currently holding a Special Council and Governance Steward vote via snapshot here:

During the Mocaverse’s vote, Moca holders can cast one vote per NFT they hold and they can split their vote among any number of candidates in the two ApeCoin DAO races. This means that holders of one Moca NFT could split the voting power of their one item amongst two or more candidates if they want.

“For the 1st round of community voting, you can allocate your vote in any way, to any number of nominees through a Weighted Voting System,” the Mocaverse tweeted earlier this month.

The window for Mocaverse NFT holders to cast their coins in the Mocaverse’s ApeCoin elections polls closes on June 20th at 9 P.M. EST, according to their Snapshot site.

Following the votes, the Mocaverse will then cast their 1.5 Million $Ape votes in the ApeCoin DAO's Special Council and Governance Working Group Steward elections.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Mocaverse and will let you know how the group votes. Stay tuned for updates!

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