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The Mutant Cartel Released The 14th Mega Mutant Hound Upon The Yugaverse.

It was a fire Friday in the expanded Yugaverse as Mutant Cartel member Luke Sauer, his fellow Cartelians, and Mutant Hounds brought the heat from the icy abyss during the project’s latest Mega Mutant Hound reveal!

fter a week of hot and cold markets and a fiery and icy voyage, Bored Ape Yacht Club member and Mutant Cartel oath-taker Luke Sauer, along with his insane friends, summoned the 14th Mega Mutant Hound named Inferno to the Yugaverse from the pits of !Howl!


"Welcome Inferno. !HOWL," The Mutant Hounds tweeted.



“What could be more fitting than an eternal flame for my Mega @MutantHounds,” Luke Sauer tweeted after the Hound’s reveal. “Deamed of owning a mega since the sneak peeks before mint and so excited to finally realize that dream. This is absolutely incredible... CARTEL 4 LIFE”



With Inferno’s release, 14 of the Mutant Hounds 25 Mega Muts have been revealed. Check out the other 13 below:



The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Mutant Cartel and the Mutant Hounds. Stay tuned for updates!


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Poppy Mis
Poppy Mis
22 jun

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