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'THE RIFT OPENS': Faraway Revealed That They Are Bringing HV-MTLs Into A Popular First Person Shooter Game Later This Year!

The Rift is reopening for HV-MTL holders later this year, but this time they won’t be building out their HVs' homes and cleaning up loads of robo-shit. Instead, they will be battling alongside their holders in an already popular AAA first-person shooter game that looks like Fortnite met Call of Duty for a piece of a $100 thousand dollar prize pool, and you can check it out now!

Nearly three months after Faraway Studios acquired the HV-MTL IP from Yuga Labs, the company announced that it will be integrating the HVs into the popular free to play first-person shooter game Shatterline, which is open to everyone but will give HV holders an in-game advantage.

“The Rift opens,” Faraway tweeted along with a 35 second teaser trailer. “HV-MTL x Shatterline coming 2024.”

At this time, everyone is invited to play the game for free on Steam here:

“Full launch will be on Epic, so limited time to check it out,” Faraway tweeted. “Post your most epic videos and tag @farawaygg for a chance to win a HV-MTL to rock in game at full launch.”


After posting the trailer on Twitter, Faraway Gaming Studio’s Chief Product Officer Spencer Tucker took to the company’s Discord server and announced that there will be a $100,000 USD Shatterline prize pool when the game opens along with mintable rewards.

There will also be a creator competition where the winners can win a piece of the game’s revenue, and a fantasy-draft mode that’s like fantasy football where spectators can pick a team of pro players and comepte against others.


While Faraway is adding these incentives and blockchain powered initiatives to Shatterline, Tucker emphasized that all things blockchain will be optional and that Shatterline is not being changed.

“We are adding upside for regular players, pro players, spectators and creators without adding any NFT-gating or changing any core gameplay, he wrote on Discord. “Players don’t have to participate in the crypto economy if they don’t want the upside from it. What does this partnership mean for Shatterline players? - It’s still a F2P experience that’s not NFT-gated Same gameplay, competitive balance, etc. remain untouched.”


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Faraway Gaming Studios and will let you know when and how you can compete for a piece of Shatterline’s $100K prize pool and bring your HV through the Rift. Stay tuned for updates!

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