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TheFatherOfAllStorms Is Running For MarComms Working Group Steward. Find Out Why:

TheFatherOfAllStorms has been marketing the ApeCoin DAO at conferences and events since the DAO’s inception. Now, she wants to ape in as one of the ApeCoin DAO’s first Marketing and Communications Working Group Stewards, where she hopes to leverage her international experience to invite builders from around the world into the $Ape ecosystem!


After a month of Twitter Spaces, interviews, and politicking, it’s time for the $Ape community to cast their votes for the two $Apes they want to represent them as Stewards on the DAO’s newly created Marketing and Communications Working Group.


For those who are unfamiliar with this role, ApeCoin DAO Contributor and creator of the MarComms Working Group, SSP wrote that the group’s mandate was to “propose a consistent and compelling brand strategy and identity for the ApeCoin DAO, propose and implement comprehensive marketing and communications strategies, and help establish a strong presence through effective global communication efforts in order to onboard more users into the DAO.”


With that in mind, the Bored Ape Gazette reached out to TheFatherOfAllStorms, AKA Snowflake, and asked her why she’s the right $Ape for the job! Check out the full interview below:


1. In a sentence or two can you sum up your crypto journey and how you got into Web3?


“When this question is asked, many respond with wallet creations and NFTs or buying popular crypto. I never felt that 2019 fomo like some of my Apple colleagues did, just Lee putting more into shares and pre-investments with eligible discounts. When I really started to look deeper into cryptography itself as a technology is when the first WEB3 large games appeared on its early development stages , such as Big Time. I already have many tokens, did different DEFI operations & trading. Had a high level & permissions for the different style of staking, liquid farming & high risk trading options by then & was accumulating some digital art. When I started to go deeper into actual game developing on WEB3 and understanding the value of tokenomics plus possibilities of different types of tokens, not just avatars across different chains and layers, also bridging. More ETH base development came much later and non started from gaming and gas was not good, bridging was bad and no layers developed yet. I was here to see it all and be a part of it for all the those starting up, becoming part of white papers for the DAOs, on its pre-assemblies, founders meetings ti set up the voting rules and participation opportunities; testing WEB3 games, helping with company direction for projects, consulting about their journey into WEB3 and what new developments had to offer. Being a front runner before any news hit GitHub and specially tweeter, having hand on betas before tech more public betas for pure DEFI or general WEB3 developments give me the knowledge from inside and also the validity that little people have. Obviously being a certified technician by Apple, Microsoft and Apple Dev helps but it’s not the most important drive fires here. My determination and eager to progress with everything going on - that’s what helps me and others to progress. Obviously in the past 3 years I also became a part of many NFT projects, became very passionate about storytelling, write the first Bored Ape YC book with others licensing Apes with one projects, wrote stories for other projects & saw it’s developments. I keep spreading awareness about new developments in WEB3 using digital platforms, having my own spaces, organizing events, going to the conferences and speaking on panels, participating at hackathons & being a part of DEFI & NFT clubs sharing experience and possibilities knowledge.”


 2. Why should the community pick you to be its Marketing and comms working group steward?


“This obviously already many reasons to do so. Besides what is important to know is that we must be welcoming. Although I see pretty good APAC dragoon participants right now, we have a big gap with Latin America participation and not to many Europeans. As someone from Spain, that lives across European counties, Asia & Covered AMR region including Latin America Countries, I can understand that the way people communicate is so different from English and NFT style expressions used in our forum. Dealing constantly with serious developers and founders that are all about executing versus talking about it, I can see how they feel about the forum and specially about Twitter or Discord. They all need different approach and feel respected with their culture or style of work and feel that they can talk freely & be respected plus receive the needed attention responses. Because I had such huge international experience, absorbing cultures and learning so much - I feel this person is me. People feel good talking to me. That experience didn’t come easy. Specially after my father who raised me died, my other dad was in remission and not able taking care of me. I had to study extra all the time to be able to get into schools & programs for free, winning grants & additions, missing perfect sunshine days, first snow, … maybe even being a city person I love nature so much and every chance I have - I just get out there and try getting those moments back. Life is not easy and what always made me feel joy is see the happiness of others when I helped them, when they learned maybe something useful, when they discover the opportunity and I think our DAO has so much for so many smart people! Besides technology I also studied international relationships, I think it’s an important field. I speak 5 languages plus. That’s also important for our expansion and possibilities I can bring in more official capacity.”


3. If elected, what do you hope to accomplish in your first month?


“I already applied for several conferences and if elected I will prepare DAO related and Apecoin related material in this case. Also I will apply for more side events and mini conferences. This month I already have a program, where I plan to keep introducing Apecoin & I have couple of things on a side I am helping with l, which will introduce Apecoin ecosystem to the wider public. And it’s not just about knowledge or some purchase of the token by trading peeps at all, it’s about making founded and actual WEB3 developers plus politicians understand the opportunities and support us in our journey. And why now we also tapping into politics - we saw what is happening lately in Miami, in New York City , we saw the crash of Bitcoin after China crackdown on Crypto and new regulations, so me and others also started to support presidential candidates and others that will support crypto and WEB3 developments. We have to be very adult about it even when we want to have fun as kids sometimes, which is also important.”


4. Why should people outside the Yugaverse be interested in $Ape?


“People are already interested in Apecoin outside Yuga Labs. We have to know that first staking and trading in large of Apecoin we’re happening long time in Binance before any contract offerings, also polygon has an interesting amount of Apecoin, we also see it’s usage a little in gaming. On my side I see a lot of people waking up to the possibilities, and I think one of the best ones are 2: Gaming usage as a transition token and payment options inside apps for anything. I do not see any usage in large for physical things at all yet, even the last Apefest drop was at fiat currency to just be available for everyone, especially if they couldn’t get crypto in their region. I also see this token as a great reward opportunities , like metaverses scavenger hunts an so on, I was talking about it and its development at one of my professional METAVERSE/VR/3D/AR/AI BUILDERS space, where we have professional from across the world building actual 3D real metaverses with links to the stores or links like WEB3 links, builders for games and pro designers for NFT projects. I’m one of them I do VR/3D builds & test metaverse builds sometimes. Funny my fist 3D metaverse with 3D files was at Facebook cities spaces, people then could build them and sell profiles using pay pal, there was no WEB3 tokens then or NFTs, last one i tested and build inside was Portals And I did structures with links even to my Apecoin sales; now you can own your builds, sell with crypto and collaborate on WEB3 platforms. So I also want to keep helping creators if they want to build on Otherside or have questions or need to develop a company plan with Apecoin usage and the storytelling. I’m here to help always when I have an extra hour. Meanwhile I will keep connecting with huge audience and connect with clubs in personal level instead of just from some office chair WEB2 style, that’s great most of the time would feel very inorganic and NOT ENDEMIC WEB3 at all, I think we can all agree with that.”


5. What is your goal as marketing and comms Steward? Why should you, and why do you want to, market $Ape?


“My goal is Exactly that, properly connect with people in Endemic way, with my experience and professional knowledge plus language, people that will bring value and develop for us using Apecoin token , people whose main goals are not promotion of our token as it it or it’s attachment to same existing ex project that need pump, but actual NEW innovative and capturing initiatives with interesting tokenomics or Apecoin usage, platforms. We can’t keep everything inside basic Twitter bubble, we are DAO, meaning Decentralized- made on decentralized blockchain technology platform , Automated - meaning that things are executed automatically on chain and recorded without us coding anything or paper clipping , Organization - a complex bunch of people web in different locations; so saying that - we have to make sure it’s stays this way, meaning STAYS EASY!!! Yes easy! Don’t complicate with centralized complicated platforms, registration extras, extra asks, keep up autonomous, keep is decentralized without extra paperwork’s as much as possible (yea that what decentralization in defi means), and that how we do NOT EVER put preventive lines between execution & Organization aka Actual people of the DAO. Keep it simple. I keep going and people will be them and I will not ask them to be anyone else or act different.”


6. Of the other candidates, who would you like to be Marketing and comms steward with and why?


“So sad question. They seem at first glance all good people. I have to be struck there and go hard on the actual position description and see if people can execute in the same capacity or have actual DAO interest vs Private interests and why they actually run. It came to my attention that some, not just for this position have travel restrictions, I don’t mean like something that “if he flies outside region - he will get arrested because some government search for him for what he is hiding from”, no.. easier.. lol.. I mean that some people don’t even have a passport yet or planned to get one for some reason, hope they changed their mind, some live in a town very far away from any city they wanted to start doing something at and they don’t plan to move and don’t have a driving license or ever learner how to drive the car before; and when they do, even if they want to visit, I cannot possible ask them constantly doing that.. even if they want to collaborate, understanding how difficult it must be. Example I’m the only one living in Boston metro area and I myself come home sometime at 2 am. Imagine someone living 2 plus h away from here or NY on a good day and good road when it’s zero traffic (which is never like this at East coast) - I would not imagine them coming home after 4 am to have dinner and shower to wake up at 9 am and come back to the city to the continues event where the presence is crucial. Specially for this position the DEFI DEV activations are crucial, this is the way the people are of you want them to take you seriously. And you have to constantly be in a loop for all developments. Some founders and politicians I v now that live far away come sometime and do that maybe ones or twice a month, but they not promoting anything, they come to connect for consultation and specific meeting, it cannot a case for any of us if we actually want to bring this DAO to the next level. We cannot treat is as an office job of online community manager style or unkept artist that wants to vibe sometimes at some town and shill on Twitter. Everyone is waiting for something serious happening.”


7. Who’s someone who inspires you and why?


“Inspirations. Wow there is so many. Funny thing I saw some doctor recently say that to be a successful woman you have to have other woman feel pity about you or sorry for you. Men should feel that you under them, and if you’re ugly then you have more chances because people will not talk bad about you & woman in generally not supportive. I never felt this way. I was surrounded by very successful woman all my life that gave me inspiration and man in my life - almost all told me all the time “you can do it yourself”… well minus cooking.. growing up in Europe you get kicked out of the kitchen as a girl all the time by grandpas, dad.. as they say that they will teach you but only for when you along - then you will have your kitchen. I remember the snowboard academy in Switzerland and pro snow and Downhill camp - man push me at the same level and when saw a potential partner me with alder woman to do crazy things that themself didn’t do. Founders of companies woman in Europe gave me chances to progress in interior design and sales for properties , man trusted me for smart homes designs for multi million dollars project, my 3D models was given a chance by furniture company and jewelry company, people saw my style and decided to collab on fashion and showrooms. Absolutely all of those people became my inspirations because they took me seriously and they saw what I can do. And I think this is very important to be able to see the talent and hard work people do and how they can apply their studies plus transferable skills into the possible projects, I am now this person. I had amazing trainers , amazing teachers, amazing inspirations. Sure not all of life is sugar at all and hope don’t walk on my shoes for that. I’m grateful that now I can be someone that can share all that knowledge and align with different folks. We are again in challenging times and I think that is a perfect time to bubble up and shoot it to the starts for ones.”


8. Do you have anything else you’d like to add or say?


“This is ApeCoin D.A.O. so let’s get to it! I’m TheFatherOfAllStorms aka Snowflake.”



The window to vote in the ApeCoin DAO’s Marketing and Communication Working  Group Steward election is currently open, and $Apes have until next Wednesday, December 13th, at 9 P.M. EST, to cast their votes here:


The Bored Ape Gazette is working to interview every candidate. Stay tuned for updates!

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