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This Bored Ape Yacht Club Member Swept The Floor In Anticipation For Kodas! Here's What We Know:

After the Bored Ape Yacht Club turned one year old and teased the club’s metaverse and Kodas yesterday, this BAYC member decided today was the time to sweep the mutant ape floor.

BAYC member The Moroccan Ape purchased six mutant apes earlier today spending 233.87 Eth or $684,000 USD.

“Shopping done,” The Moroccan Ape tweeted following the sweep. “Now please pump MAYC to 70 ETH.”

Following the sweep, The Moroccan Ape said that he is looking forward to Kodas.

“My MAYC squad is fucking ready,” he said along with a collage of his BAYC and MAYC collection. “We are going to eat some KODAS!”

The BAYC is set to do something big next week, according to recent tweets by the club. “The adventure begins,” the club tweeted on its new account OthersideMeta yesterday afternoon. “Otherside. 4/30, 12pm ET. P.S. Otherside Discord is open:

The BAYC retweeted OthersideMeta’s tweet with the caption “OK but what the fuck is a Koda” later that day.

These tweets referencing the Otherside and Kodas have set the BAYC ablaze with rumors and speculation.

While not much is known about what’s to come, many BAYC members believe that Kodas will be randomly distributed during an anticipated Otherside Land sale. Currently there is no information on when that land sale will be.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, many apes and non-apes believe that Kodas were shown in the club’s Otherside Metaverse teaser trailer on March 18th.

In the trailer, Curtis ingests a potent concoction that causes the primate to trip out. Curtis begins to see volcanos, icebergs, and an interesting floating world. All of this as the song Break On Through (to the Other Side) by The Doors plays in the background.

Curtis is then taken away by the same creature that is on the bottle of the potent concoction that he consumed.

Many BAYC members believe that the creature is a “Koda.” The idea of koda’s in the BAYC universe were first referenced earlier this year in a leaked Venture Capital Pitch Deck. At the time of the leak, club founders Garga said that the pitch deck was outdated.

"“That’s an old, outdated pitch deck and hilariously a version that neither Gordon nor I ever saw. There are a lot of things in there that have already changed, and plenty more things that will change because fuck doing expected things.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to report on who’s sweeping the collection floors and all news regarding the Otherside, Kodas and next Saturday’s announcement. Stay tuned for updates!

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