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This Otherdeed Collector Purchased Five Kodas For 103,000 USD Earlier Today

Opensea User FNOPS AKA j10.Eth is ready for the Otherside after purchasing five Kodas this morning.

FNOPS spent 84.44 Eth or or $103,000 USD on five Otherdeeds that are each home to a Koda.

FNOPS began their Otherside spending spree buy purchasing Otherdeed #80654. OTherdeed #80654 is a spires environment with rainbow atmos sediment, a slime juice artifact and runa, pyrum resources.

Otherdeed #80654 is also home to Koda #2290. Koda #2290 has a woodland core with oozeguardian armor and a hypcyclo eye.

FNOPS went on to purchase an additional four Otherdeeds and Kodas, check out their purchases below:

After today’s koda sweep, FNOPS now owns 20 Otherdeeds, according to Opensea data.

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