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Tiffany& Co. Announced Its NFT Project That Includes A 1/1 Physical Pendant That Cost 30 Eth or $51K

This American jewelry company announced its new NFT collection that is exclusive to CryptoPunk owners and will cost 30 Eth to mint!

Tiffany& Co. released a 20 second teaser trailer for its new project, NFTiff.

“We’re taking NFTs to the next level,” the company tweeted. “Exclusive to CryptoPunks holders, NFTiff transforms your NFT into a bespoke pendant handcrafted by Tiffany & Co. artisans. You’ll also receive an additional NFT version of the pendant.”

In total, Tiffany& Co. will sell 250 digital passes exclusively to CryptoPunk holders. Each of these NFTs will cost 30 Eth or $51,000 USD based on the price of Eth at the time of this article’s publication.

“Tiffany & Co. designers will interpret each CryptoPunk into custom-designed pendants – converting the 87 attributes and 159 colors that appear across the collection of 10,000 CryptoPunk NFTs to the most similar gemstone or enamel color, Tiffany& Co. explained on its website. “Depending on which CryptoPunk owners purchase pendants, each piece will use at least 30 gemstones and/or diamonds to create the custom designs with the highest fidelity to the original NFT art. Examples of gemstones include but are not limited to Sapphires, Amethyst, and Spinel.”

The sale for the NFTiff passes will begin on August 5th at 10:00 A.M. EST, according to the company’s website.

To launch NFTiff, Tiffany& Co. teamed up with Chain and the company’s CEO Deepak Thapliyal. As the Bored Gazette previously reported, Thapliyal is an avid NFT collector with an Alien CrpytoPunk as his profile photo on Twitter.

"Super excited to announce the launch of #NFTiff by @TiffanyAndCo powered by @Chain, Thapliyal tweeted earlier today. “NFTiff is a limited, 250 unit, physical & digital collectible made exclusively for #CryptoPunk NFT holders. Bring your Punk to life with a hand crafted 1/1 Tiffany pendant & chain with a NFTiff.”

Further, Thapliyal shared an image of his CryptoPunk turned into a pendant.

After Tiffany& Co. announced its project, Yuga Labs’ CryptoPunk Brand Lead, NonFungibleNoah, took to Twitter and explained his thoughts of the jewlery company’s project.

“Just now @TiffanyAndCo @Chain @dt_chain unveiled their limited edition of 250 unique @cryptopunksnfts pendants + matching NFT-based collectibles, an initiative inspired by @alexarnault hat follows is a v quick thread on why I see this as important (and awesome) for Punks The @TiffanyAndCo Punk pendant exemplifies what will be possible under the upcoming full CryptoPunk license, which is nearly ready to debut,” NonFungibleNoah tweeted.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Tiffany& Co and its NFTiff project. For more information about the pendants, check out the NFTiff website here:

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