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TRICK OR TREAT: An NFT Project Is Giving Apes& Punks A Free Halloween Airdrop. Here's How To Claim

While Halloween isn't until tomorrow, Bored Ape Yacht Club members and CryptoPunks are invited to Trick or Treat at this NFT project’s house right now!

NFT project Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult has a bowl full of tricks and treats this Halloween; and the first 1000 Bored Apes and 1000 Punks to come and knock its virtual door will get an airdrop!

“This Friday, venture off the yacht and head to the Vampyre Mist and Trick or Treat at the Nightmare Imp’s Door (and partake in a Forgotten Runes airdrop) this Friday, October 28th,” Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult tweeted. “P.S. Bananas NOT guaranteed.”

Following Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult’s post, BAYC Co-Founder Garga shared the event with the BAYC community via his Twitter.

“Super cool for the Forgotten Runes team to open up their Halloween Trick or Treat event to 1k Bored Apes for free,” Garga tweeted. “Excited to see what the apes who knock get.”

Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult Co-Founder Bearsnake told the Gazette that the goal of this trick or treating event is to connect different projects with one another.

“The Forgotten Runes Halloween event is all about building bridges to other communities and having some plain old fun,” they said. “We believe collaboration is key right now and what better way to do that than a little trick or treating.”

At the time of this articles publication, 279 Bored Apes and 115 CryptoPunks have trick or treated so far.

Apes and Punks who are interested in finding out more about Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult’s trick or treating event can check out the project’s Medium post here:

Apes and Punks have until Halloween night to claim their airdrop here:

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