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WINNERS: The Meebits Community Picked Five Meebits PropHouse Winners Today. See The 5 Ideas Here:

The ApeCoin DAO’s second Meebit PropHouse competition came to an end this afternoon and the Voxel community has selected five proposals to fund.

After 59 artists and builders from across the metaverse submitted their ideas to the second ApeCoin Meebit PropHouse competition earlier this month, the Meebit community selected five winning ideas!

The first-place idea in the Meebit PropHouse competition was “Meebits x ENS Wildcard by Stevegachau.Eth.

“Wildcard subdomains offer a solution to this problem by allowing every NFT holder in a specified collection (e.g Meebits) to receive an ENS name at no cost & without registration, Stevegachau wrote. “The process for the ENS domain holder is simple: just link their domain name to the NFT collection they want to support. From there, digit subdomains (such as "69.meebits.eth") will automatically point to and resolve to the current owner of the NFT in the chosen collection (for example, "Meebit #69")”

The second-place proposal in the contest was “Free high quality images/wallpaper for every Meebit” by TokenJuggler.Eth.

High quality images of Meebits in action really grab people's attention, TokenJuggler wrote. “Let's get more of them on social media. Creating these images requires time and skills that lots of folks don't have. This proposal is to automate the generation process, so these kind of high-quality renders are available for every Meebit, downloadable by the holder FOR FREE.”

The third place idea in this Meebit PropHouse was “Epic Meebin' Song and Meebits Music Video Extravaganza!!” by Kerimbonia.Eth.

“Back for Meebits Prop House Round 2, @kerimbonia and @supertightwoody will create a banger Meebits Song/Anthem (Theme: Meebin') and stunning Music Video using our combined 40+ years of expertise in 3D animation, Motion Design, Video-editing and Music Production and take Meebits on a psychedelic NFT voyage to the next level,” Kerimbonia wrote.

The fourth place idea in the PropHouse was “Meebin Game: Guess trait of Meebits” By Wallet 0xBb2.

“Imagine playing your favorite classic card game in full glorious Meebits design,” Wallet 0xBb2 wrote. “Players can understand all of Meebits' attributes by playing this Meebin game and cementing them in their minds every time they play the game, universalizing the attributes from the most uncommon to the least interesting ones. Through their social network, these players will help to increase Meebits' community and awareness.”

Finally, the fifth-place idea in the second Meebit PropHouse was “IRL art exhibition at an NFT gallery in Rio” by Eusoujp.Eth.

“We'll make an IRL art exhibition of Meebits NFTs, bringing awareness to the DAO and attracting people who are already involved with Web3 and NFTs but don't know much about Meebits and/or ApeCoin,” Eusoujp wrote. “The event will take place at Lado B Gallery, in the heart of the city. It's one of the firsts art galleries focused on digital art and NFTs, created by Marcus MPC (Cryptorastas and NFT.Rio) and Tim Tim (SaveM3). Adidas and Beck's already made activations there.”

Each of these five ideas will receive a 1,000 $Ape microgrant from the ApeCoin DAO to give their ideas legs!

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow these five Meebit PropHouse winners and will let you know when they release more information about their projects. Stay tuned for updates!

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