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Yuga Labs And The Elite Apes 'Welcome Abored' Hong Kong Train Ad Was Nominated For An Award!

Bored Ape Yacht Club members were not the only ones impressed by the ApeFest 2023 ads that greeted them in Hong Kong last November.

Last month, Yuga Labs and the Elite Ape’s airport ad, which welcomed Apes and Mutants abored the local train system in November 2023, was nominated for an MTR Advertising The Best of the Best Award, according to a post by BAYC member and Elite Apes Founder Jason Au.


“OMG!!!! @BoredApeYC #apefest! Our airport welcoming made it to the finalist of “Advertising Best of the Best award” amongst with unbelievable brands,” Au tweeted on June 27th. “Gotta do a 7min on stage presentation to the judges. Throw in some ideas family!! This is huge for web2 to understand us. @apecoin, @yugalabs, @EliteApesHK Please help RT for max exposure. Previous winners are : Nike, adidas, Sony, McDonald’s, Rimowa, Lego , Swarovski, city of dreams wonder who we up against this time.”



As the Bored Ape Gazette prevously ,reported the airport ad was one of the first sights BAYC members encountered upon clearing Customs in Hong Kong for ApeFest 2023.

It featured frens from around the swamp like Yat Siu, Jason, and VeraTheApe, celebrating with their Web3 friends in Hong Kong!

“I think we are the only campaign that’s done in web3 way,” Au told the Gazette. “Cause I couldn’t fill in their forms . They ask for company, advertising agency, creative agency. Which we are not. I only say we are “family, community and BAYC” they accepted it!! True web3 moment here.”


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow The Best of the Best Award and will let you know if the BAYC’s airport ad wins! Stay tuned for updates!

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