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10KTF Announced That G-Tag Holders Will Get One More Chance To Reallocate Their Popcorn& Bells!

Grab a G-Tag, get a box of popcorn, and take your seats because the movie of 10KTF’s Grailed collection is about to begin after everyone gets one last chance to reallocate their assets!

In a nod to the classic “Regal Roller Coaster” trailer,  Wagmi-San and the 10KTF team released a ‘Hot Corn Cinemas’ video and announced that the Grailed will have one more chance to change their popcorn and bells allocations next week.

“Popcorn + Bells loading is live on,” 10KTFShop tweeted. “G Tag holders will have a one-time opportunity to reallocate their Popcorn + Bells next week. More details to come.”

Along with this video announcement, the 10KTF team also shared a press release from a 'Hot Corn Representative' that went into more detail on rarity, explaining that popcorn and a G-Tag’s tier will impact the Grailed PFP's rarity.

“All traits are accessible to each tier, however higher tiers will be weighted toward rarer traits and combinations to achieve the aforementioned ranking flow," the Rep explained. “ Total popcorn will also influence distribution of rarer traits and combination while keeping with the aforementioned flow. There’s a chance a few zesty kernels make their way in, there’d really be no way of knowing. At Hot Corn we like to live life on the edge of the bucket.”

Further, the Hot Corn Rep also explained that there will be 1,295 Tomos Cats in the Grailed collection, and that they will appear on whichever 1,295 G-Tags have the most Bells allocated to them.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow 10KTF and Hot Corn Cinemas and will let you know when you can reallocate your popcorn and bells next week. Stay tuned for updates!

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