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A Proposal To Create $Ape Merch Is On The Ballot This Week At The Ape Coin DAO

The Ape Coin DAO is set to hold a snapshot vote on a new Ape Improvement Proposal this week that proposes the DAO create exclusive $Ape Coin merch for DAO members.

AIP-13 titled “APE FOUNDATION Merch - Top Drawer –" is an Ecosystem Fund Allocation proposal written by BAYC member Papasito.

In the AIP, Papasito laid out a plan to utilize the Ape Foundation IP to design $Ape merch that will “echo Ape Fest 2021 merch with a unique design pertaining to the DAO to generate revenue,” according to Papasito.

“Merch has and always will be a source of notoriety for BAYC, and we within the APE COIN DAO should capitalize on the trail they blazed by creating merch with the IP Yuga gifted us,” Papasito wrote. “It should be new but also conserve the spirit of the BAYC merch to provide buyers with instant recognition. This will generate revenue for the DAO, add utility to $APE and help us to grow as the merch becomes trendy.”

Papasito’s proposal will cost at most $130,000 USD, accoridng to the proposal. This will cover the cost to hire Top Drawer Merch, to prepare and fulfill the order and the cost to create an online store that will only allow the merch to be bought in $Ape, according to the proposal.

AIP 13 does not include any merch mock designs in the proposal, but Papasito provided the Bored Ape Gazette with an image of "$Ape short shorts."

“We want this to be hype and don’t wanna reveal too much too soon,” Papasito told the Gazette. "This design is subject to change, and we have prepared some changes that do not reflect in this design More than likely only 2/3 of these colors will make it to final design as well.”

Papasito went on to explain that he believes that $Ape Merch has a lot of potential and that this line could be a way to reach women holders in the future.

“This merch is gonna be dope and people won’t wanna sleep on it,” Papasito said. “Ape coin merch has a lot of untapped potential especially in catering to women who so far haven’t had any particular merch made for them. Although for this particular proposal, all four of the designs are unisex.”

The window to vote on AIP 13 opened this evening and $Ape holders have until June 1st to vote on the proposal.

The Bored Ape Gazette encourages all $Ape holders to read AIP-13 and to vote!

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